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2025 Audi RS3 Sportback Caught on Camera Next to the Current Model

2025 Audi RS3 Sportback Caught on Camera Next to the Current Model


Audi2025 Audi RS3 Facelift


Spotted alongside the current model, the 2025 Audi RS3 reveals limited updates that are now easier to discern.

Setting the stage for an exciting glimpse into the automotive future, the 2025 Audi RS3 has made an appearance right alongside its existing model. This intriguing arrangement offers a moment of pause and provides enthusiasts and curious bystanders with an enhanced opportunity to unravel the subtleties of the modest yet deliberate modifications.


A Deep Dive into Design Updates and Discrete Changes

With a focus on the facelifted hatchback, noticeable adjustments come to light. The fresh front bumper design exhibits a heightened sense of linearity and harmony. Moreover, the grille takes on a more daring appearance, featuring redesigned intakes that contribute to an overall sportier aesthetic. The inclusion of a more dynamic mesh pattern adds an extra layer of visual intrigue to the front end.



20252025 Audi RS-3 


While the range of additional changes remains somewhat limited, a few intriguing details come into focus. The concealed headlights, though maintaining their familiar shape, are anticipated to unveil new graphics, adding a touch of freshness to their overall look. Another expected update is the introduction of the

new four-ring logo, which was first seen on the

Q8 e-tron. This logo change adds a modern touch to the upcoming model’s appearance.

Moving to the rear of the vehicle, an intriguing transformation takes center stage. The bumper gets a fresh update, and it seems the imitation vents might be left behind. While the final decision is yet to be unveiled, the images unmistakably reveal a shift in the reflector placement – now angular and full of attitude. 

Alongside these changes, the taillights undergo a makeover, revealing revamped reverse lights that infuse a contemporary touch into the rear design. These subtle yet distinct alterations collectively redefine the vehicle’s back-end aesthetic, promising a renewed and engaging presence that catches the eye.



20252025 Audi RS-3

Turning our attention to the cabin, you can also expect some minor tweaks as part of the update. One notable change might involve a larger screen for the infotainment system. The current

screen size reaches up to 12.3 inches, and the forthcoming update hints at the possibility of an even more spacious display.

Amidst these updates, let’s not overlook a crucial aspect, no interior is truly complete without the right

custom seat covers and

floor mats. These seemingly small details play an indispensable role in ensuring your driving environment remains both functional and inviting.

Power and Performance

The question of potential changes under the hood remains a mystery. As for the current model, it houses a turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine that cranks out an impressive 394 horsepower (294 kW / 400 PS) and a robust 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque. With this setup, the hatchback can dash from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in just 3.8 seconds, all while maxing out at a top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h).

As the camera captures every intricate detail, a narrative takes shape – one that enthusiasts are eagerly tracking, anticipating the moment when they can witness

Audi‘s unwavering quest for automotive excellence come to life. The timing for Audi’s unveiling of the new model remains uncertain, considering the current version’s market entry in 2022. This leaves us all speculating about when we’ll finally get a glimpse of what the new model has in store.

While the car’s overall look hasn’t undergone drastic changes, there have been subtle retouches that add a touch of refinement. Preserving this visual allure can be supported with the practicality of a well-fitted

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