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Countrywide Crackdown Against Non-Custom Paid Cars Coming

Countrywide Crackdown Against Non-Custom Paid Cars Coming


The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to a countrywide crackdown against non-custom paid (NCP) cars. According to details, the authority has completed preparations to launch the operation after directives from caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq. FBR and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) will carry out the operation. 

Amnesty Scheme? 

It is pertinent to mention that it is not an amnesty scheme for the NCP car owners; instead, FBR is tightening the noose around such owners. As per the government policy, the FBR will cease these cars and auction them to collect revenue. 

The media reports suggested that the government of Pakistan cannot announce an amnesty scheme currently due to negotiations with the IMF, and a scheme would be against the basic points of the agreement. 

According to a media report, the highest number of NCP cars are in northern areas, specifically in the Malakand Division. The report claimed that there are 450,000 NCP cars, while the government has data of only 128,000 of them. During the merger of KPK and FATA in 2018, the government gave a 5-year tax relaxation on NCP cars, which ended on June 30, 2023. 

However, reports of a decisive operation against these vehicles are circulating, especially after pressure from the ruling authorities. According to Malakand Division’s officials, the KPK Chief Secretary has issued special orders to stop registrations of NCP cars, hinting at an upcoming crackdown. 

The customs officials, however, have expressed their reservations over the unavailability of such a vast space to park this large number of vehicles. Despite this, the crackdown would go underway, and FBR would seize NCP vehicles from across the country. These vehicles would be auctioned after due process, and they will be back on roads after registration, but it usually takes 1-3 years for this closed auction. 

What do you think about the FBR’s possible crackdown against non-custom-paid cars? Please tell us in the comments section. 




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