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Infiniti QX Monograph Previews Future Designs

Infiniti QX Monograph Previews Future Designs


The Infiniti QX Monograph concept seen from a front quarter angleInfiniti is remaking itself. The luxury marque of Nissan is unveiling its new ethos slowly, with few details and broad strokes to create the impression of something elegant. But specifics will have to wait.

We got our best look yet at the brand’s new self-concept during Monterey Car Week this week alongside the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance — the auto industry’s Met Gala.

There, the brand unveiled a new concept vehicle called the QX Monograph. It’s not officially the next QX80, though we’ll be disappointed if that vehicle’s replacement doesn’t look as close to this as possible.

The Infiniti QX Monograph concept seen from a rear quarter angle

Bamboo and Piano Keys, Not Horsepower and Cubic Footage

Infiniti gave no mechanical details. Like a lot of concept cars, this is essentially a design study. No mention of a powertrain or even whether it’s gas-powered or electric.

The QX Monograph is all about first impressions. And our first impressions are good. It’s bulky, with hidden door handles flush with big slab sides with a slight curve. But the design has presence. Organic vertical lines in a tall grille are meant to invoke “a tranquil bamboo forest.” The stalks surround Infiniti’s new 3D infinite road logo.

The new Infiniti logo in the QX Monograph concept's grille

They’re flanked by high-mounted, thin LED daytime running lights divided into vertical strakes to invoke piano keys. Look closely at the segments, and you’ll spot what Infiniti calls “an intricate ‘Kimono fold’ pattern” of lines.

Lighting is prominent in the rear, too. A bar of lights stretches across the tailgate, mounted high. It’s also composed of keys, each solid at the top and fading into a gradient at the bottom. They play a welcome animation when the car is started.

The entire car is painted in a color Infiniti calls “Akane.” Meant to invoke sunset, it uses six layers to embed reddish hues in a dark grey.

That’s it. We’re out of details. Infiniti is keeping almost everything about this car hidden, including the interior and any details of features.

The Infiniti QX Monograph seen in profile

Part of a Larger Makeover

But that seems part of a slow rollout for the brand’s new image. Earlier this summer, the brand unveiled a series of design themes that weren’t actual cars, including a signature scent and a master track of sounds, all meant to convey where Infiniti is headed.

Executives have reportedly told dealers to expect four new or redesigned models, including two electric vehicles, by the end of 2027. But the company intends to set the stage carefully before revealing them.

If the QX Monograph hints at what’s to come, it could be a refreshing update for a brand that has needed one for a while.



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