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Kia EV5 Debuts With A Radically New Interior

Kia EV5 Debuts With A Radically New Interior


Kiakia ev5 front three quarters


Production of the new electric KIA SUV for the Chinese market is set to begin soon, while US customers will have to wait until next year.

In an unusually fast turnaround, KIA took the EV5 from concept to production-ready status in record time. Within five months, Chinese customers are preparing to receive the first units of the EV5. It’s not clear when the deliveries will start, but a more detailed release schedule will be announced next October, according to the Korean manufacturer.

Despite the speed, KIA clearly didn’t rush its work process. Much to our delight, the production model retained most of the concept’s design and technology. In other words, all the fancy features that usually get discarded after the concept reveal have stayed inside the car this time!

KIA EV5 Exterior Design

As expected, the unveiling ceremony took place last week at the Chengdu Motor Show in China. KIA took the opportunity to emphasize its focus on the younger generation, who are generally more accepting of new EV technology and among whom compact SUVs are more popular. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the EV5 in its final form.

We got our first glimpse of the production model about two weeks ago when the Chinese Ministry Of Industry And Information Technology published a few pictures as part of its standard homologation procedures. The photos looked promising but didn’t give us the slightest idea about the interior.

The EV5 is a two-row electric SUV that adheres to the same design philosophy as its larger sibling, the three-row Kia EV9. It has a boxy high body, angular edges, and narrow LED light elements framing the body from every angle. The large volume offers more space for the seating area and a larger storage area as well. To maintain the KIA EV5 trunk in good condition, which can be a surface that is extremely hard to clean, the best way is by using a custom CargoShield™ Cargo Liner from Coverking. It fits perfectly, is easy to install, remove, and clean.

When comparing the production model we’re looking at here to March’s concept, it’s hard to point out any major differences other than the smaller wheels and the toned-down trim pieces. The EV5 is marketed as a compact SUV, meaning that it will be competing against the likes of the Toyota bZ4X and the Volkswagen ID.4.



Kia1kia ev5 dashboard



KIA EV5 Interior Design

Let’s be frank, no one expected the swiveling seats to make it to production, but otherwise, the interior kept most of the concept’s spirit and most of the special equipment as well. The steering wheel’s unique shape is here, and the dash is dominated by the two large screens that seamlessly combine the digital gauge cluster and the central infotainment display.

The dash itself looks clean; KIA got rid of all the clutter, keeping only the essential elements, and placed them all together in the middle. The unique design presents a large surface exposed to the sun’s UV rays, something that can potentially damage the interior design over time. The solution is to provide it with adequate protection using high-quality custom-made dash covers.

What’s also striking is the bench-seat configuration at the front, an unusual design that we only see in old pickup trucks or at the second and third rows. Protecting such a unique design can be challenging, but not when using Coverking custom-made seat covers. Coverking designs and produces unique covers for each car model, ensuring a perfect fit and long-term protection.

It’s highly unlikely that this additional space at the front is designed to accommodate a third passenger; we don’t see a third seat belt or enough legroom. So, perhaps it’s just intended as an additional surface to make working or eating more comfortable.


Kia backkia ev5 rear three quarters

What is the range of a KIA EV5

We actually don’t know yet; KIA has preferred to keep the details hidden until two minutes or so before the deliveries start. Nonetheless, observers agree that the car will be based on the KIA Hyundai E-GMP EV platform, offering an 800-Volt architecture.

This is the same platform underpinning the amazing EV6 and the unique Hyundai Ioniq 5. The platform is powered by a 77.4-kWh battery pack and comes in both single and dual motor configurations, offering an output ranging from 225 hp up to 577 hp.


How much will the Kia EV5 cost

Contrary to some expectations, the KIA EV5 price is surprisingly reasonable for its weight class. We’re still not sure whether these estimated prices will apply outside of China, but even if they don’t, it’s still a good sign that may signal a new era of high-quality affordable EVs.

China is currently the largest EV market in the world, which means there’s a lot of room for competition and maneuvering among the largest EV manufacturers. Perhaps the EV5’s price tag is part of this high-stakes cost battle.

In any case, KIA announced the EV5 pricing scheme in China on its official Weibo social media page. The car’s entry-level trim will start at just 159,800 RMB, which is the equivalent of roughly 25,000 USD. At the top end, the price tag climbs to 229,800 RMB or 32,000 USD.

If we compare this price range with other major offerings currently available on the Chinese market, we will find that the EV5 falls neatly in the middle between the Tesla Model Y RWD variant, priced at $36,000, and the BYD Yuan, priced at $20,000.

More information about the model will certainly become available as we approach the actual production start. Many questions remain unanswered, such as the actual battery capacity, maximum range, and arrival dates in other global markets.

KIA is already planning an EV Day event this October to, hopefully, answer most of these questions. However, drawing from experience, we may end up with new questions concerning other scheduled electric models.







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