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Pak Suzuki Decided to Delist From Stock Exchange – Reports

Pak Suzuki Decided to Delist From Stock Exchange – Reports


In a rather sudden move, Pak Suzuki has reportedly decided to delist from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). Sharing the update, economist Ali Khizar tweeted: “This is happening at a time when the government wants listing on the stock exchange to grow.” Sharing the market’s current situation, Khizar mentioned that the companies do not see benefits in listing.

Sharing the same news, another economist, Abdul Rehman, tweeted that Pakistan’s largest car assembler is considering getting delisted from the Stock Exchange. “After years of operations, this is a setback to Pakistan capital markets,” he mentioned.

Explaining the whole situation, Ali Khizar told PakWheels.com that the company sees no benefit in remaining listed because of low valuation and several regulations to comply with, while they are not getting the required price from the market, hence the decision. “Many big companies are not listed in PSX,” he mentioned.

Answering the question of whether Pak Suzuki is leaving the local market, Khizar said the company is not going anywhere; they are just leaving PSX. So, there is nothing to worry about for the customers of Pak Suzuki as the company is here to stay.

Suzuki Terminates Dealership 

Earlier this week, Pak Suzuki terminated one of its dealerships in a public notice. “Suzuki Daska Motors has dissociated from Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited as its authorized dealership effective October 10, 2023.” The notice further read that the above dealerships have no right and authority to deal with and book the Suzuki brand of vehicles as the company’s dealer and accept payment. “The party will be solely responsible for any violations,” the car company asserted.

Suzuki Pakistan has advised the customers to refrain from contacting the above-said ex-dealer for the booking and aftersales services of Suzuki brand vehicles.

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