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Putting three super SUV together in a test

Putting three super SUV together in a test


Years ago purist supercar lovers were annoyed when Porsche revealed the Cayenne, a massive SUV from a sportscar brand, the blasphemy was real and many stated this would never sell well and was a major mistake from Porsche … time would show them all wrong and the Porsche Cayenne became a massive sales success over time, even if according to many it was just a re-bodied Audi SUV, but Volkswagen AG would use the Audi Q8 platform for something awe-inspiring, a luxury SUV from none other than Bentley, the Bentayga. And that move did ignite some other famous car makers out there to notice the SUV market, point in case is the magnificently luxurious Rolls Royce Cullinan and Mercedes-Maybach GLS.

But let’s get back to the sportier versions on the SUV market, with the introduction of the Lamborghini Urus, a V8 twin-turbocharged off-road sportscar, or as Lamborghini themselves described it, the Super SUV, that made other sportscar manufacturers take note and got working on their own version of an off-road supercar, Aston Martin came up with the DBX that later evolved in the even more powerful DBX707 version and now we even have Ferrari moving into this segment with the Purosangue, add the Bentayga S and you end up with an amazing trio of Super SUV, only the Urus Performante is missing from the video by CAR Magazine below:



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