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Rawal Chowk Flyover Choked With Water

Rawal Chowk Flyover Choked With Water


Rawal Chowk underpass, which became operational in August 2022, is grappling with recurring drainage issues. Here’s what’s been happening:

It seems that the premature opening of Rawal Chowk’s underpass may have resulted in a vital oversight—a proper drainage system. After every rainfall, the underpass transforms into what can only be described as a miniature river, causing distress to commuters and residents alike.

A concerned daily commuter and area resident brought this issue to light. They reported that nighttime rainfall in Islamabad has been filling up the underpass with water, turning it into an aquatic obstacle course.

In a bid to address this pressing concern, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) dispatched its officials armed with motorized suction pumps. They worked tirelessly on Sunday and Monday to pump out the rainwater, albeit at the cost of blocking the underpass for traffic.

Frustrated by the recurring issue, the resident urged the civic agency and relevant departments to sit up and take notice. This problem seems to resurface like clockwork with every minor rainfall, causing unnecessary traffic woes.

The Rawal Chowk underpass project, valued at millions, was fast-tracked for completion in August 2022 under the special instructions of former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. However, the consistent drainage problems cast a shadow over the project’s quality and long-term viability.

It’s clear that resolving the underpass’s drainage woes should be a priority for the authorities to ensure the convenience and safety of the public.



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