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1978 Porsche 935 — Supercar Nostalgia

1978 Porsche 935 — Supercar Nostalgia


Undoubtedly the most successful racing car of the Group 5 era which ran from 1976 to 1981 / ‘82 was Porsche’s epic 935.

In 1976 the 935 was reserved for use by the Martini-backed factory team. 13 customer cars were then built up with single turbo engines for the 1977 season while the factory moved on to a new twin turbocharged unit.

For 1978, Porsche created the sensational Moby Dick which ran a drastically reduced campaign compared to years prior. Accordingly, Porsche left their customers to run riot and offered a further uprated 935 with an enlarged and now twin turbocharged motor.

Dubbed the 935 / 77A, 17 of these latest specification cars were assembled and sold to customers in the USA and Europe.



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