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2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon Edition

2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon Edition


Upon the launch of the 2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon Edition, many were initially taken aback by its hefty price tag exceeding $750,000. However, a closer examination reveals the justification behind these figures. This exclusive variant boasts a breathtaking Liquid Carbon exterior, which commands an additional cost of approximately $250,000 compared to the standard GT model.

The limited-edition Ford GT Liquid Carbon takes a unique approach by stripping away the traditional paint, allowing the carbon fiber body to take center stage. A special clear coat is applied, serving as both a protective barrier against external elements and debris.

The Ford GT Liquid Carbon retains the formidable 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine found in the standard model. However, it has undergone tuning enhancements, resulting in an increased power output of 660 HP across a broader torque range. To accommodate the augmented power, the side scoops responsible for cooling have been refreshed and redesigned, facilitating nearly 50% more airflow. Additionally, larger intercoolers have been integrated to maintain lower overall engine temperatures.

Furthermore, what was once an optional upgrade has now become a standard feature for the 2020 Ford GT: the full titanium Akrapovič exhaust. This exhaust system weighs a remarkable 9 pounds less than the previous Ford Performance exhaust, while also producing a deeper and more resonant roar from the Ecoboost engine.

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