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2024 Hybrid Toyota Crown Sport Debuted

2024 Hybrid Toyota Crown Sport Debuted


The Japanese market recently welcomed the introduction of the 2024 hybrid Toyota Crown Sport, expanding the range of electrified models under the Crown brand. In July 2022, Toyota revived the Crown nameplate, which boasts a rich history spanning 15 generations. While traditionally recognized as a sedan, the updated Crown lineup now encompasses various iterations, including crossovers and SUVs.


Toyota Crown Sport equipped with hybrid drive is 4,729 mm long, 1,880 mm and wide, 1,565 high.2024 Hybrid Toyota Crown Sport

Design Language (Exterior)                 

The design of the Crown Sport is characterized by its contoured bodywork and sculpted rear fenders, showcasing the 21-inch alloy wheels.

The front fascia of the newly launched car is adorned with Toyota’s latest signature design element, the hammerhead lights, while the rear end exudes athleticism with horizontally positioned LED taillights, a short and sharply sloped windscreen, and vertical outlets on the rear bumper.

2024 Hybrid Toyota Crown Sport

Style (Interior)

Coming Inside the cabin, the new 2023 Toyota Crown Sport boasts a dashboard adorned with a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen, resembling that of the Crown Cross.

Notably, it incorporates Toyota’s “sound-regulating ceiling,” enhancing the cabin’s tranquility for improved passenger communication. Equipped with the latest iteration of Toyota’s Safety Sense Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) suite, the vehicle includes features such as Proactive Driving Assist and Toyota Teammate Advanced Drive, offering assistance in navigating congested traffic.

2024 Hybrid Toyota Crown Sport


he Toyota Crown Sport presents consumers with a selection between two distinct powertrain options:

  • self-charging hybrid
  • plug-in hybrid system

The self-charging hybrid variant employs the 2.5L E-Four Parallel Hybrid System derived from the Crown Crossover, generating a combined output of 231 hp distributed to all four wheels through an electric 4WD system.

Although specifics about the plug-in hybrid are limited, Toyota has indicated that it will feature an extended electric vehicle (EV) range, courtesy of a new “large-capacity lithium-ion battery” designed to minimize intrusion into the cabin space.


Initially, the Hybrid Sport Z Grade will be available for sale with the price tag of ¥5,900,000 ($39,620). The company is taking orders. Currently, orders are open in Japan, with the initial deliveries of the hybrid model scheduled for November and the plug-in hybrid variant set to be available from December.



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