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45 Min Maen Full Charge of Tesla – Owner Review

45 Min Maen Full Charge of Tesla – Owner Review


Today’s owner review features Bilal from Video Wali Sarkar and his 2019 Tesla Model S P75D Dual Motor. In today’s modern era, Tesla has disrupted the automotive industry and is known for its innovation. The 75 number represents the KW of the battery of this car. Join us as we inquire Bilal about his experience with this unique car.


Buying this car in January, Bilal paid about Rs. 30 million for the Tesla Model S.

Purchase Decision

Explaining his buying decision, the owner shared that he was not considering buying this car beforehand and had no budget. After seeing an ad on the PakWheels website and consultation with Suneel, Bilal was convinced to purchase the Model S.

Battery Range

Tesla claims the battery range to 440 km on 100% charge. The owner also verified this claim with his own experience. Moreover, the owner has shared that he charges his battery around 80% to maximize battery health. Moreover, a fast charger can charge the car fully within 45 minutes.


The Model S is stacked with various features, most of which can be controlled from the media screen. Even power windows can be controlled using the head unit. Moreover, the screen can be connected to USBs and hard drives. Additionally, games are installed in this unit that can be controlled by the steering wheel. Other features include regenerative braking, surveillance mode, customizable horn, heated seats, heated steering wheel, a glass roof, Alcantara paneling, autonomous driving, and more.

Furthermore, the screen software is updated regularly and has multiple fun features that set it apart from all other brands. The most remarkable feature the owner shares is the smart key of the Model S. This key can carry multiple profiles and identify the driver with the help of those profiles. Also, Tesla offers Spotify premium lifetime free and has a fantastic sound system.

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