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A Sneak Peek at the Tesla Model S Rival

A Sneak Peek at the Tesla Model S Rival


Where it is believed that ‘Green technology’ will surely reach on the brink of precipice, the car makers round the globe have also sprung into the action with an aim to gain a competitive edge over its rivals. After Audi’s bid to acquire MG electric car platform, Chinese multinational technology corporation, Huawei, and Chery’s electric sedan and a rival of Tesla Model S has created a buzz among the EV enthusiasts.

In a recent development, the spy images of Chery and Huawei’s electric car AITO EH3 have revealed some details including LiDAR sensor positioned on the roof and a sizable floating screen on the dashboard.

Specs & Features

The EH3 model boasts impressive features, including large five-spoke wheels, an aerodynamic shape, and a roof-mounted LiDAR sensor. Notably, the front fenders of the EH3 are equipped with Huawei ADS sensors. These advanced features enhance the car’s performance and safety capabilities.

Tesla Model S

The interior of AITO EH3 is adorned with a spacious floating screen, a slim instrument panel, and a compact steering wheel, creating a modern and sleek ambiance. The gear shifter is conveniently located on the steering column, while the central console features two wireless charging stations, two cup holders, and ample storage space. Additionally, for enhanced safety, a Face ID sensor is integrated into the driver-side front pillar.

Underneath its exterior, the AITO EH3 is built on the Chery E0X platform. Powering the vehicle is a Qilin ternary (NMC) battery supplied by CATL, which boasts an impressive claimed range of 700 kilometers. Moreover, the EH3 supports 800V charging technology, enabling a quick charge of 150 kilometers of range in just five minutes, making it highly convenient for EV users.

Huawei’s Swift Expansion

Huawei’s Chinese automotive operations are undergoing swift expansion. AITO, developed in conjunction with Dongfeng Motor’s subsidiary Seres, is one of their recent launches. Besides AITO, Huawei is also engaged in collaborations with Changan and CATL for Avatr EVs. Additionally, Huawei supplies chips, operating systems, sensors, and motors to ArcFox (BAIC) for their vehicles.

Huawei’s flagship stores are now offering a range of EVs, including AITO, Avatr, and ArcFox models. To gain a competitive advantage in the automotive industry, Huawei has established various partnerships.

Presently, Huawei is collaborating with both JAC and Chery to develop the AITO model line. As a result, AITO EVs will be supplied jointly by Huawei, JAC, and Chery.

The particular EV model resulting from the Huawei-Chery partnership is called EH3. Recent spy shots reveal distinctive design elements of the AITO EH3, such as thin triangular headlights, a slanted bonnet line, and unique taillights. The external appearance of the car bears some resemblance to Xiaomi’s upcoming EV.



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