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A Timeless Classic 1962 Vespa – Owner Review

A Timeless Classic 1962 Vespa – Owner Review


Dear PakWheelers, today we bring you the owner review of a beautiful, almost vintage Vespa. Dubbed as Marlboro, this beautiful Vespa is owned by Mr. Zubair, and in this owner’s review, he shares his passion project with us.

Vespa Model

This Vespa is a 1962 model VB Vespa scooter. It is a classic, pure Italian Vespa.  It was restored around 5 years ago, and according to Zubair, it needs restoration again. But as far as its performance is concerned, it still delivers more than expected.

Parts Availability

A 1962 model scooter is surely an odd sight, and that’s why its spare parts are not easily available. The original parts are rarely available in Pakistan and are very expensive to source. A backchannel can be used by importing the parts from India, but they are usually of substandard quality. One can either contact Vepa for the real parts or ask someone traveling from Europe to bring them along.

Zubair spent a whopping Rs. 12,000 on the original headlight of this scooter.

Vespa Restoration

The whole scooter has been restored and contains all original parts in very good condition. The beautiful headlamp, the speedometer that looks almost new and works perfectly still, and even the Vespa monogram are all indicators of the purely original quality of the restoration. 

Zubair admits that it is an expensive hobby if you strictly want original parts in your restored Vespa.

Restoration cost

As mentioned earlier, the scooter took a lot of time, effort, and money to be restored. Zubair told us that he had spent almost Rs. 300,000 on the overall restoration of this scooter. 

Fuel Average

This scooter still drives very well and can take you on long rides too. According to the owner, it gives an impressive fuel average of 20-25 km/l in the city.

You can see the details of the scooter in this video and also enjoy a little ride at the end of the video.



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