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All New MG4 EV – Exclusive First Look Review

All New MG4 EV – Exclusive First Look Review


Today’s first-look review features MG Motors Pakistan’s newly launched MG4 EV. The MG4 EV comes in two variants: the base, Excite, and the top, Essence. The car is a Segment-C crossover SUV. This review comprises the Excite variant.


The launch price of this variant, Excite, is Rs. 110 million, while the top variant, Essence variant, is priced at Rs. 130 million.


The MG4 EV presents a very sleek exterior. Notable aesthetics include a fog lamp headlight with DRLs, radar, a front camera, and a stylish curvature on the bonnet. A modern side profile complimented with futuristic lava-textured taillights adds to the car’s design profile. Furthermore, the MG4 EV’s height is lower than other crossovers in the market, adding a low profile and improving car stability. MG EV4 is stocked with Continental Tires with 17-inch alloy rims. The Essence variant will include 18-inch alloy rims.


General maintenance of the car is not required. However, periodic maintenance is necessary. This includes the brake pads, wheels, AC checkup, and front motor coolant replacement after one year.


The MG4 EV offers a 5-year or 150,000 km warranty. Whichever is reached first will mark the end of the warranty period. For the batteries, MG offers an 8-year or 150,000 km warranty.


The car’s interior has comfortable seat cushioning and plenty of leg space. A glossy black finish adds to the car’s beauty. Moreover, the color combination, standard among both variants, of glossy black and ivory white conveys a minimalistic yet impressive vibe. The seats have been provided with a mixture of fabric and leather covers. Similar to Tesla, the smart-on feature is one standout in the interior.

This means that the car will automatically start when the driver sits and touches the steering wheel, given that the key is in possession. Hence, there is no push-start button in the MG4 EV. A 7.1-inch speedometer LED and a 10.5-inch central media unit are included.

The media unit comprises Android Auto, meaning that connectivity to the internet can boost the media unit’s performance. The MG4 EV is also connected to satellites via satellite connectivity. The speedometer LED shows information about the last charge, driving time, distance traveled, and battery status. Both variants lack a sunroof and come with a standard hardtop roof.

The steering wheel provides height adjustment; however, it does not offer telescopic adjustment. Other features in the steering wheel are adaptive cruise control, lane assist, lane departure warning, front and back collision warning, and blind spot detection system. Also, a wireless charging system is installed in the Essence variant. Furthermore, the car offers five driving modes: snow, eco, standard, sport, and custom. The vehicle also incorporates an auto-dimming back view mirror.

Moreover, the boot includes ample space together with the charging port of the car. Other components included in the boot are the puncture kit and hazard warnings. Also, the driver seat is a six-way electric seat without lumbar support.


There are standard six airbags in both variants.


Excite comes with a 51.5 KW battery with a company-claimed range of 350 km. On the other hand, the Essence variant is installed with a 64 KW battery with a range of 450 km. The charger is a standard 3 KW specification, which will take about 17-18 hours to charge the car from 0-100%. MG plans to introduce 7 KW and 11 KW chargers to reduce the charging time.

0-100 Speed Test

The MG4 EV Excite model covers 0-100 km in 7.7 seconds, while the Essence variant makes it in 7.2 seconds.

Booking Conditions

The MG4 EV’s booking initiates at Rs. 5 million with a delivery time between 3-4 months. If booked right now, the tentative delivery time will be around December or January.

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