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Artist Designs Spectacular Porsche 918 Spyder Hypercar Successor

Artist Designs Spectacular Porsche 918 Spyder Hypercar Successor


designsArtist designs spectacular porsche 918 spyder hypercar successor



Porsche is currently working on a new hypercar. In anticipation, a concept artist designed the imaginary successor of the current 918 Spyder.


The German carmaker is taking its time with the next hypercar, leaving a lot of imagination space to artists who are impatient and passionate about great machines, artists as Francesco Artusato.

The freelance concept artist has recently published his take on the upcoming hypercar, dubbed the 973 GT, this imaginary model draws inspiration from several previous Porsche models and combines everything in an exciting art piece that deserves to materialize at some point in the future. 

The artist clearly took the original 918 as his benchmark, this was most obvious on the breakaway from the front fenders to the doors and on the grill design as well. These familiar features were combined with a new headlight design, probably inspired by Porsche Le Mans prototypes.



918Artist designs spectacular porsche 918 spyder hypercar successor



The 918 inspiration doesn’t stop here; the fuel filler cap, the glasshouse, and the rear aero are constant reminders that this concept design is intrinsically linked to the legendary racer. But to break the resemblance, and give the concept its own personality, the designer found a new location for the exhaust pipes, putting them at the center of the diffuser, instead of the 918’s top position.

The 918 was not the only source of inspiration here. The specter of the 911 GT3 RS is present here as well, mainly through the swan neck wing and the air vents on the hood.

Francesco Artusato took the liberty with other smaller details, the wheels, and the taillight designs look a bit strange on Porsche, bearing the signs of a more elaborate aftermarket design.

All in all, and to the artist’s credit, this concept design looks extremely believable, we won’t be surprised if the next Porsche hypercar turns out to be similar to the renders we have here.

On another note, the debate is still raging on whether the 918 successors should fully embrace electrification or not. 

There’s indeed no escape from some sort of hybridization, but Porsche is trying so hard to maintain combustion engines alive for as long as possible. This doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t care about carbon emissions, but they clearly prefer using some kind of new eco-friendly fuel rather than electricity. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume commented on the subject, saying that a hypercar “won’t be possible.” before 2025, mainly because of the propulsion system dilemma.

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