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Babar Azam Fined for Driving Without License

Babar Azam Fined for Driving Without License


Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam found himself on the wrong side of the law recently when he was fined by traffic police in Lahore. The fine, amounting to Rs2,000, was imposed on September 17th in Lahore’s Gulberg area.

Traffic Rule Violations by Babar Azam

Initially, the reason for stopping him was a lane violation, a common issue faced by many commuters. However, what was meant to be a routine check took a more serious turn when it came to light that Babar Azam did not possess a valid driver’s license. Azam was stopped in Lahore’s Gulberg on September 17. 

This dual violation, comprising the lane violation and the absence of a driver’s license, placed the celebrated cricketer in a difficult position. While lane violations can often be seen as minor infractions, driving without a valid license is a serious breach of traffic regulations. It’s an offense that’s taken seriously by law enforcement due to the potential risks associated with unlicensed drivers.

As a public figure and the captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team, Babar Azam’s actions on and off the field are closely scrutinized. His unintentional offenses on the road serve as a reminder that, regardless of one’s status or profession, everyone must adhere to traffic rules and regulations. The traffic police, in this instance, applied the law impartially by imposing a fine of Rs. 2000 as a consequence of these violations.

Babar Azam, as the national team skipper, is currently gearing up to lead Pakistan in the upcoming cricket World Cup in India. However, Pakistan’s participation in the tournament was in doubt due to delays in the issuance of visas by the Indian government. The uncertainty surrounding Pakistan’s involvement in the World Cup has now been resolved, as India finally issued visas to the Pakistan cricket team. This development was confirmed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in response to concerns about the delay in visa processing.

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