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Challan System Is Going Digital in Punjab

Challan System Is Going Digital in Punjab


With an aim to modernize the traffic management system in the province, the Punjab Transport Department (PTD) has announced its decision to digitize Challan system across the province, according to the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP).

The move comes as part of the ongoing initiative to replace the traditional manual system of issuing traffic violation fines with a more efficient and technology-driven approach.

The Details

The first phase of this digital transformation involves converting manual fines into the e-challan system. The initiative gained momentum last November when Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Dr. Assad Malhi introduced the digital challan system as a pilot project on The Mall.

To complement this system, a dedicated app for traffic wardens has also been developed which will help in simplifying the process of issuing fines.

Dr. Assad Malhi explained the user-friendly nature of the new system, stating, “By entering the vehicle number or ID card in the app, all the information will be auto-filled.” This not only streamlines the fine issuance process but also ensures accuracy in recording and managing traffic violations.

In addition to the digital fines, the PTD has implemented a robust vehicle checking system. According to an official statement to APP, a record-breaking 11,500 vehicles were inspected within a week this month. The department plans to expand its vehicle inspection and certification centers, presently numbering at 26, to meet the growing demand efficiently.

This digital leap not only enhances the efficiency of the traffic fine management system but also contributes to increased transparency and accountability. The integration of technology not only reduces the bureaucratic burden but also aligns with global trends in smart traffic management.

As the PTD continues to embrace digital innovations, it sets a precedent for other provinces and regions to follow suit, paving the way for a more advanced and streamlined traffic management system across Pakistan.



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