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Check out this Vector W8 Twin Turbo

Check out this Vector W8 Twin Turbo


Gerald Wiegert took about 20 years to develop his all-American supercar, unveiled in 1990, the Vector W8 was something truly out of this world, a car that could rival the Lamborghini Countach in terms of looks, the dashboard was created to mimic the cockpit of a fighter jet, and it even came with displays instead of dials, and a large number of switches and dials scattered all over the interior, back in the early Nineties the MSRP for a Vector W8 Twin Turbo was a staggering $685,000.

Some sources state only a total of 22 units were built until they filed for bankruptcy in the mid-Nineties, other sources mention only 17 units, whichever the number it seems chassis #017 was actually mr Gerald Wiegert’s personal car, finished in a stunning black bodywork on chrome wheels and a black leather interior, but this specific car has been lost for decades now, until Curated in Miami located it, and tries to put all the information together, this is what they came up with so far: When Vector was taken over by Megatech in the early 1990s, this car along with many other assets were seized, as Weigert did not want to relinquish control of his company. At the time, Megatech also owned Lamborghini, which they purchased from Chrysler. Thus, this Vector W8 made it over to Lamborghini USA HQ in Jacksonville at some point after its seizure by Megatech. Eventually, the car ended up in Europe and was titled to Lamborghini USA, after which it traded hands to a private collector.

Jerry Weigert had a long-existing lawsuit regarding this car, claiming it was his personal property and not that of Vector Aeromotive Corporation. Sadly he passed away in 2021 before the matter could be resolved. However, the owner at the time has settled the case with the family, and the car has now been reunited with its original MSO! Still, more details to explore about exactly what happened with this car during its 25 years of obscurity, but we’re happy that it is back out in the light!



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