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Citron Green 1993 Piaggio Vespa Restored

Citron Green 1993 Piaggio Vespa Restored


When it comes to classic two-wheelers that remind us of timeless charm, the Vespa is a name that resonates with enthusiasts and nostalgia-seekers alike. Today, we have an owner’s review of a 1993 Piaggio Vespa that has been meticulously restored to its former glory.

Make Model Variant

This 1993 model Vespa is owned by Muhammad Ahmed, and it exudes the kind of vintage appeal that instantly takes you back in time. With its distinctive design, classic lines, and unmistakable curves, it’s no wonder the Vespa has been a symbol of Italian style for decades.

Modifications of Vespa

Drawing inspiration from Mr. Bean’s iconic car color, the Vespa boasts a unique green color! In the process of restoration, Ahmed made sure to maintain the authenticity of certain elements, including the original horn and meter. 

However, to enhance its performance and make it more suited for today’s roads, he opted for a 150cc 2-stroke engine. The engine restoration came at a cost of Rs. 25,000.

One of the challenges of restoring a vintage Vespa is sourcing parts that are no longer readily available. It’s a puzzle that requires time, effort, and a bit of creativity to piece together. Ahmed also had to go through a similar experience and found it very hard to source parts.

To ensure smooth rides and longevity, the mechanic advised Ahmed to follow a maintenance routine that includes changing the engine oil every 1000 kilometers. On top of that, the fuel needs to be mixed with oil. 

A second-hand front light is integrated into the front, and a silver wrap has been used to cover the metal frame, as a new metal frame was too expensive to build. New tires and grips and a revamped gear with new gear cable add a touch of modern convenience.

Mileage of Vespa

It’s only been a month since Ahmed became the proud owner of this restored Vespa, but he has only covered a modest 200 kilometers on it.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Vespa gives an average ranging from 11 to 12 kilometers per liter on a mix of petrol and oil. For longer rides, the average settles around 7 to 8 kilometers per liter.

Restoration Cost

Restoring a classic comes with its share of financial considerations. The restoration cost amounted to Rs. 58,000, a testament to the investment required to breathe life back into a vintage vehicle.

Here’s the complete video:

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