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Classic Mustang Owners Rewarded With New Exclusive Accessories From Fo

Classic Mustang Owners Rewarded With New Exclusive Accessories From Fo


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Mustang lovers got a chance to closely examine the new collection at Motor City Foxfest.

Even though it was introduced nearly 60 years ago, the Ford Mustang has managed to maintain its popularity among car lovers. In fact, over the years, its appeal has only grown stronger, continuously attracting new fans and enthusiasts. Recognizing this unwavering loyalty, Ford Performance is now unveiling a fresh collection of stylish accessories to reward its dedicated following.

Responsible Mustang owners or car owners in general who want to keep their cars protected from the elements will certainly find the new custom-made car covers attractive, but we’ll get to that later. 

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New Recaro Custom-Made Seats 

First, let’s focus on the showpiece of this new

Ford Performance accessory collection, which is without a doubt the Recaro seats for the Foxbody. The new seats sport elegant gray upholstery with suede inserts. And as a reminder in case you forgot where the seats came from, the Ford logo is slapped right on the headrest, the Motorsport motif on the backrest, and the Recaro logo further down.

A closer look at the Recaro seats will reveal a highly ergonomic design, the two-piece seat is designed specifically for high-performance driving, which means an overkill on bolstering to ensure passengers are comfortably lodged in their seats at all times. It doesn’t stop at comfort and safety, the combination of black suede and light gray designs also adds to the interior luxury.

Outside the realm of custom seats, this level of comfort and design customization is only achievable through

high-quality custom-made seat covers. This is not exclusive to the Mustang or muscle cars in general,

Coverking offers car owners a wide range of custom-made seat covers to achieve their desired comfort and design upgrade.

Ford is only too familiar with the mindset of its Mustang fan base. A good portion of new Mustang owners are already thinking of ways to modify and upgrade their brand-new cars with aftermarket products. In anticipation of this, Ford Performance confirmed that the new Recaro seats are not exclusive to older Mustang models, they are also compatible with the

all-new 2024 Mustang


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New Custom-Made Car Covers 

Shifting back to the practical aspect of the Ford performance accessory collection, the company is offering new custom-made car covers made specifically for the 1979-1993

Foxbody and the new 2024 Mustang and designed to protect these gems from the elements and keep them shining for another generation at least.

Before the envy starts creeping in, know that

high-quality custom-made car covers are not exclusive to Mustangs, you can also protect your car from the elements with


car covers.

Covering the Mustang doesn’t mean sacrificing its visual appeal, the Foxbody cover designs are adorned with Ford Motorsport logos with blue and turquoise stripes undulating across the hood and windshield While The new S650 covers are more influenced by modern design trends, the Ford Performance logo is prominently featured over an elegant field of black, with a fading racetrack outline twisting all over the back portion of the car.

Although the collection’s availability details and pricing are not yet available, Ford Performance has shown its interest and care in its large fan base, following in the footsteps of other large car manufacturers like Toyota, for example. This sort of official aftermarket accessory release became a classic move that fosters brand loyalty, helps market new offerings, and preserves the carmaker’s heritage all at the same time.





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