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Classic Sports Car Touring

Classic Sports Car Touring


Touring In a Classic Car Is a Journey Of Discovery

The California coastline possesses some of the most incredible scenery, and it just improves when you are behind the wheel of a classic car. The entire experience is extraordinary and touches every sense that you possess. 


Exciting your Senses

Visually the sleek lines of a vintage classic turn every head as you roar through the curvy roads of the California coastline. The finely tuned engine transports you to an era of glamour, the hills of Hollywood, an essential hero, and untold stories of romance. The heady smells of petrol and the silky touch of the age-soft buttery leather blend with the tangy, slightly salty air. 

Classic cars make you smile. 

Meeting Your Stable Guide

Your Stable guide will either meet you at the airport or your choice of hotel; whatever suits your schedule. They are ready to take you on a journey of a lifetime. With your travel-worn leather suitcase strapped to the trunk, driving gloves at the ready, and a sense of glee, the lead driver will take you to destinations unexplored. Turn up the crackling stereo, and with your foot to the floor, drive your powerful coupé into the sunset and under seemingly millions of twinkling stars.


Freedom of the Open Road

Nothing is comparable to the feeling of the freedom of an open road. Your journey might resemble a slow and meandering Sunday morning drive or a high-speed, breathtaking adventure through hairpin bends and fast open roads. Either way, The Stable team meticulously plan your journey through unexplored lands, past wide-open oceans, under the watchful eye of towering mountains, and through the shadows of cooling redwoods. Explore wild beaches and endless nature and spend nights glamping in forests or luxuriating in boutique hotels.  


California is host to some of the most spectacular roads. The Eastern Sierras is known to be the backbone of California. It features historic mining towns, a plethora of fascinating geological features, and prehistoric forests. You can spend some time hiking through the Alabama Hills’ impressive peaks or wandering through Lone Pine, a former mining town squashed between Death Valley and Sequoia National Park. Manzanar National Historic Site pays tribute to thousands of Japanese-Americans forced into a detention camp during WWII.

Northern California Wine Country Road leads you through the diverse lands of Napa and Sonoma Counties with their impressive landscapes of perfectly ordered grapevines, intriguing hotels, grassy meadows, and heady cabernets. A visit to the wine region would not be complete without popping into a lively tasting room, appreciating fine dining, or toe-tapping to live music in one of the local bars.

You can follow the spectacular coastline and travel along the iconic Highway 101, thought to be the world’s best road trip. This extraordinary journey will take you in parallel to the Pacific and afford you the spectacular migration of whales and butterflies at certain times of the year. Jagged cliffs and forest strewn roads are exciting to drive. Make sure that you stop at Big Sur and look over to the protected national parks.


Stepping back into a period that exudes glamour is nothing short of romantic. California is truly a remarkable state and has Instagrammable overload appeal. You’ll not be short of sun-kissed beaches, rugged coastlines, and picture-postcard villages as you traverse the world’s finest highways. 

Take some time to amble through the ancient groves of giant sequoias or the towering mist-shrouded redwoods. Rest in a romantic hideaway at Post Ranch Inn, log cabins, or deeply soak in a giant clawfoot bath at the Belmond El Encanto. Sip exceptional world-renowned wines in a private vineyard or at one of the trendy Funk Zone’s tasting bars, enjoy freshly shucked briny oysters from the Pacific or spend hours appreciating Michelin Star menus in fine dining restaurants. 


The Golden State has it all. 

The Stable Favorites 

The Stable can arrange exquisite accommodation at some of their favorite lodgings throughout your journey; one of them is the Belmond El Encanto. This Spanish colonial-inspired iconic hotel has welcomed legends from the silver screen, such as comedienne Carole Lombard and the King of Hollywood Clark Gable. Dotted along the coastline are pretty hideaways, snug log cabins, and luxury glamping camps for you to choose from. The Stable team is discerning and well connected; they are renowned for making wishes come true.

Attention to Detail

To offer a unique experience behind the wheel of your chosen classic sports car, The Stable’s classic sports car driving experiences help you prepare your journey from start to finish. Whether you wish to experience the thrill of driving exciting new roads or want to revisit old favorites, celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, or pop the question, the team will help you plan every last detail. 


The private chef is always on hand to discuss various menu ideas with you – from locally sourced food, special diets, or imported luxuries. Your private concierge will help you map the journey of your dreams. They can reserve hotel accommodation, provide the necessary insurance coverage, book a delicious wine tasting afternoon, or even reserve private guides to help you explore and make the most of your time in the Golden State. They will even deliver luggage to your chosen hotel if you are looking for a super-surprise.

Classic Memories

You’ll be torn by choosing from the driving experience or capturing breathtaking images of your journey. The Stable has a collection of handpicked photographers that can skillfully record your adventures. It’s not every day you don your hat and driving gloves and careen the glorious roads of California. Allow them to capture one of the most exciting times in your history. 

Maintaining a Classic Car

Caring for a classic car takes patience, lots of love, and care to preserve their vintage authenticity. California is known for its coastal roads and salty air, so each of The Stable’s classic sports cars is polished regularly to prevent untimely and unsightly rust. Their passionate team takes care of each car with a sense of pride so that you can jump in and speed away with highly polished chrome and paintwork. 

Are you ready for your journey of a lifetime?



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