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Ferrari F12tdf in Verde Storico And More Ferrari Colours

Ferrari F12tdf in Verde Storico And More Ferrari Colours


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We found this very unique Ferrari F12tdf and 9 more rare Ferrari colours.

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Arancio Borealis

Ferrari 488 Pista in Arancio Borealis

Credits: Nathan Craig

Originally a Lamborghini colour, Arancio Borealis is a very bright shade of orange with a small metallic flake.

Atomic Orange

Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Atomic Orange

Credits: Vedant Bapat

Atomic Orange is relatively new in the Ferrari colour palette. Upon researching this colour, we came across plenty of pictures of a Chevrolet Corvette C6 with basically an identical colour. Did Ferrari really use a Chevrolet colour for a few Tailor Made cars?

Blu Toscan

Ferrari 812 GTS in Blu Toscan

Credits: Sven Baillien

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: we are huge fans of blue Ferraris. This Ferrari 812 GTS in Blu Toscan is certainly no exception. Blu Toscan is a beautiful hue and of course available through Ferrari Tailor Made.

Blu Vietri

Ferrari 812 Competizione in Blu Vietri

Credits: @sriveey (Instagram)

Side by side, Blu Vietri is very close to Blu Toscan and hard to distinguish. This paint was first used on a very unique Monza SP2 with a fade from Blu Vietri to a black paint.

Del Rio Verde Medio

Ferrari 275 GTB 4 in Del Rio Verde Medio

Credits: RM Sotheby’s and Robin Adams

Del Rio Verde Medio has only appeared on our radar just recently. RM Sotheby’s auctioned this 275 GTB/4 in the beautiful, non-metallic, paint-to-sample, shade of green and was sold for $3,800,000 USD. Reportedly, the car was first ordered by Daniel Del Rio, a stockbroker working on Wall Street, hence the name.

Giallo My Swallow

Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Giallo My Swallow

Credits: Soren Swift

Giallo My Swallow is a very new shade of yellow that appeared on a ‘Ispirazioni’ Tailor Made configuration. We wonder who gave it that name..

Indigo Blau

Ferrari F12berlinetta in Indigo Blau

Credits: @iamacarfanatic (Instagram)

Although very close to Blu Tour de France, this Ferrari F12berlinetta is finished in Indigo Blau. It features a livery inspired by Sir Stirling Moss’ Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheelbase from the 1960s.

Prugna Metallic

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta in Prugna Metallica

Credits: Classic Cars Manchester

Beautiful shade of red that was available in the 1990s. Prugna translates to plum and we can see the connection.

Rosso Angelo

Ferrari 812 GTS in Rosso Angelo

Credits: @cars_spotter_ro (Instagram)

From one shade of red, to another. Featured here is Rosso Angelo, very close to the more common Rosso Fuoco paint.

Verde Storico

Ferrari F12tdf in Verde Storico

Credits: Soren Swift

A unique, Tailor Made colour was not enough for the owners of this Ferrari F12tdf. They also opted in for brown carbon, brown livery and brown interior. Combined with Verde Storico, presumably inspired by 250 GTO chassis 3505GT, this is a winning configuration as far as we’re concerned.

What was your favourite colour from this list?



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