Home Mercedes SL 300 First Glimpse of Next-Gen MG3 on Test – Pictures

First Glimpse of Next-Gen MG3 on Test – Pictures

First Glimpse of Next-Gen MG3 on Test – Pictures


Sneak Peek

Hold onto your steering wheels because the anticipation is over! MG has just ignited excitement with the first glimpses of the upcoming next-generation First Glimpse of Next-Gen MG3 on Test. This revelation was captured as a camouflaged test mule in action on the roads of China, hinting at the exciting changes in store for MG enthusiasts.

While MG enthusiasts around the world anticipate the MG3’s evolution, the story takes a bittersweet turn in Pakistan. The much-awaited MG3, teased by Javed Afridi, remains an inaccessible dream for now. Amidst repeated teases and passionate anticipation, the MG3’s entry into Pakistan remains uncertain, leaving enthusiasts yearning for a miracle.

Next-gen MG 3

Next-Gen MG3 Transformation

The current MG3 has graced the roads since its second-generation debut in 2011, receiving accolades and facelifts along the way. Enter the next-generation MG3, which will undergo a spectacular makeover that will not only alter its look but also promise an interior revolution. Spy pictures and leaked patent images provide a tantalizing taste of what’s to come.

Next-gen MG3 New Exterior

Prepare to be dazzled by the bold new face of the MG3! A departure from the current styling trends, the third-generation MG3 embraces the brand’s latest design language with an audacious twist. The front fascia boasts sharp headlights, akin to MG’s latest offerings, while a commanding grille with intricate mesh patterns exudes an aggressive aura. The side profile showcases double waistlines and intricate alloy rims, while the rear flaunts a stacked split-type tail light setup and a sleek embedded spoiler.

Intriguing Interior

While the exterior says volumes, the inside remains an intriguing place clothed in camouflage. Sporty seats, a split instrument panel, back air vents, and exquisite chrome embellishments can be found among the secrets.

Next-gen MG 3Powertrain and Beyond

Beneath the captivating facade lies an equally exhilarating powertrain. The next-gen MG3 is poised to embrace a hybrid setup, harmonizing a 1.5L engine with an electric motor. This symphony of power and efficiency will undoubtedly elevate the driving experience, inviting adventure seekers to embrace a new era of motoring.

The Grand Reveal

Hold your breath, for the all-new MG3 is set to make its grand entrance at the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, scheduled to commence on August 25th in China. The horizon of possibilities awaits as the MG3 promises to redefine the norms and captivate hearts.



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