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Ford Confirms Rumors About Mid-Engine Mustang

Ford Confirms Rumors About Mid-Engine Mustang


You may have seen rumors on Facebook and elsewhere about a mid-engine Mustang. Sounds somewhat preposterous, no? What business does Ford have building a Mustang — a secretary’s car, mind you — that competes with the C8 Corvette? Except with the Mustang GTD, its sights are higher.

Images courtesy of Barrett-Jackson

Suspend any thoughts Ford is bringing you a modern-day Pantera with a prancing horse stuck on the front. As a proper pony car, Ford is introducing the Mustang GTD as something more than just a step up from the Dark Horse — it’s a Mustang reinvented. First shown to a small group in Las Vegas this past Monday (including our cohorts across the street at Barrett-Jackson), the Mustang GTD will be a flagship, a supercar wrapped in a carbon fiber Mustang body to take on the Europeans at Le Mans in 2024.

GTD will be built in partnership with Multimatic, the same partnership that led to (among other vehicles) the Ford GT. In fact, Multimatic was working on the GTD race car when Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, proclaimed, “We need a street version of that.”

So, what are some of the major features of this track monster?

  • 800-plus horsepower with dry sump system
  • Rear transaxle
  • Inboard, active suspension
  • Magnesium wheels
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • Titanium exhaust system
  • Carbon fiber all over, including the giant wing

The Mustang GTD is all about power, braking, and balance. It’s a well-rounded machine that’s strong in all areas.

So, yes, the rumor about a mid-engine Mustang was true. No, it’s not going to have its engine relocated to the rear; rather, the engine will stay up front but behind the front axle. Yes, you will be able to buy a copy of this homologation special. No, we don’t know the cost to you, nor do we know anything else about the engine.

But, if you’re a Mustang fan and have always dreamed of a road-going Mustang race car, then the Mustang GTD is your ticket.



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