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Forland Safaari – Exclusive Pictures

Forland Safaari – Exclusive Pictures


Forland Safaari has been launched, and here are exclusive pictures of the vehicle for your closer look!


The Forland Safaari’s exterior is a fusion of style and functionality. High-density lights ensure clear visibility, while fog lights cut through thick winter fog, prioritizing safety. Mirror Indicators add sophistication, and Back Lights illuminate the night with flair. Even the door handle is crafted for both style and secure handling. This symphony of design details showcases the meticulous approach taken to make the Forland Safaari visually appealing and functionally sound. 


The Safaari ensures more than just powerful performance; it offers an array of features for a journey marked by comfort and style. From the convenience of electronic power steering and adjustable headlights to the cool embrace of air conditioning and rear AC, every aspect is designed for a pleasurable ride.

The dual-tone paint adds a touch of sophistication, while central locking, dial visor, reading lamp, and front door power windows contribute to the overall convenience. The central lamp sets the ambiance, and the audio system, complete with a 7-inch touchscreen HD display, speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity, promises an entertaining drive. 

These photos must’ve given you a detailed idea about the car and how it would perform, look, and feel on the road. What are your expectations from Forland Safaari after seeing these pictures? Tell us in the comments below.



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