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From Childhood Dreams to Porsche Devotion: A Journey to the 996.2 GT3

From Childhood Dreams to Porsche Devotion: A Journey to the 996.2 GT3


By Tom on Tuesday, August 29, 2023

We often hear stories of passion that ignites the heart of Porsche enthusiasts, and as for this certain individual, Andy, his journey began at a young age. A self proclaimed typical ‘70’s child’, who “loved all things to do with cars and motorsport”, his energy came to life through the iconic Porsche 930 Turbo. As he reminisces about his journey, he chuckles at how he used to “cut out pictures of Porsche’s and stick them up on bedroom walls”. It immediately became clear to us that his youthful enthusiasm, fueled by a love for all things automotive, has blossomed into a lifelong devotion to Porsches. 

An ode to the 996.2 GT3 

With more than a year of owning the 996.2 GT3, his passion for the cars propelled him to expand his collection further. Firmly aligned with the belief that “Porsche nerds can never have enough cars”, he considers himself lucky to possess a remarkable array of vehicles, ranging from the legendary “911” to the elegant “748 spyder”. Amongst this ensemble of cars, the 996.2 GT3 still remains as the quintessential centerpiece of his ultimate GT garage.

A connection with Design 911

He enthusiastically recalls when his relationship with us here at Design 911 began, “I started to use Design 911 many years ago, I’ve owned quite a few Porsches”. When it comes to suppliers, he places trust in us as his primary source for parts and upgrades, he goes on to explain further “they helped me with a recommissioned project that I completed on an old 986 Boxster”. This stands as just one instance of the numerous exceptional partnerships we cultivate. Our commitment lies in nurturing strong connections and extending our services to those in need. 

Thriving in the community

Engagement in the Porsche community goes beyond his personal garage, he says “I do go to quite a few Porsche events…there are so many in and around London”. He’s been an instrumental part of recent events, having helped out with the “Porsches by the lake show” back in June. Described by him as “a sellout with over 500 cars and Porsches attending”, showing just how much of a phenomenal success it was.

Unveiling the iconic 996 GT3 

The 996 GT3 made its entrance into his life post-lockdown, a turn of events that left him amazed. Reflecting on the situation, he describes it as “fate”. “Not realising the car I would eventually buy was the exact car from the doctors surgery auto car mag and silverstone track day”, he explains. Often labeled as ‘the underdog’ of the 911 range, in comparison to other Porsches, it has lighter and faster characteristics than those before it. 

The importance of upgrades

At Design 911, we deeply appreciate the importance of enhancements and provide a wide range of parts to cater to those seeking upgrades, available on our website. Those who value their car, like (insert name), share this same outlook. Talking about various upgrades he’s made, he tells us “Whilst it’s got mid range mileage on the clock, I don’t feel guilty driving it”.

It’s clear that the car is very dear to him and he looks after it well by constantly “replacing any perishables”. He goes on to tell us his favourite upgrade, “the opc Colchester’s fitment of the excellent Porsche PPCM and Plus navigation system”, a transformation that adds modern functionality while retaining the car’s timeless essence. 

Partings thoughts and wisdom

Andy’s journey isn’t confined only to local roads. He tells us, “a big group [of us] drove across Europe, taking in France, Germany and Belgium”. His 996 unsurprisingly conquered a large amount of miles, “the 996 completed 3000 km in 4 days”. Guided by experience, he tells us “Don’t be afraid of mileage on the 996 GT3, as long as you buy from a specialist”. It’s expected that with older cars there is a certain amount of upkeep required, but luckily, this is where we come into play. 

As we’re nearing the end of the interview, he leaves us with his parting words: “Make some amazing memories with your Porsche”. These words are not just a recommendation but are a testament to the passion that unites car enthusiasts. 

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