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Get your kicks with a 356.

Get your kicks with a 356.


By Tom on Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The first car branded as a Porsche hit the road in 1948. The 356 may have made history, but enough of these beauties still prowl the streets to keep us busy. Two things 356 owners know: the first is that we’re all jealous of them. The second is that they choose parts and upgrades very carefully. We can help with that.

Let’s start at the back. Your tail pipe, silencer and muffler assembly must hit the right (engine) note and these are beauties. Sporty sound, stainless steel, easily fitted and looking good. (Plenty of price reductions, too.) Meanwhile, on the roof, this Klassiek stainless steel luggage rack tops off the look.

No-one beats our panels!

Whether you’re repairing or restoring, only Porsche panels look the part. We have the largest range available – just choose your model here. And if you want a classy chassis – and of course you do, it’s a Porsche – you shouldn’t be looking in scrapyards or on the world-famous-auction-website-we-can’t-name. Come to Design 911. Just choose whether you’re replacing front, rear, or mid panels and the model you own and boom.

Mirror, mirror, on the floor…

You know the feeling. You park up in a narrow street for an hour and when you come back your offside mirror isn’t where or how you left it. No problem. Replace the whole assembly or just some of it here. It’s the same thing with headlights.

Whether it’s a stone chip or poor parking, suddenly you need the glass, the chrome, or everything. No problem. See also indicators, front and rear. Oh, and if your horn grille isn’t nice and sparkly, ours are.

But sometimes it’s the windscreen that takes the hit. And there’s no repairing that. And there’s no compromising with a Porsche. Choose your model of 356 and choose front glass with more class. Replace what’s gone with the best there is. Front, side and rear, accept no generic substitute.

Wheel meet again…

Design 911 recommend MOMO replacement steering wheels. They just get it. It’s the part you spend more time engaged with than any other, so choose the right product for your 356. Whether you want to take a new turn in your restoration project or are looking for the perfect mancave wall art, this one’s a beauty and so is this. If it’s an external wheel, check out our stainless steel, chrome plated, raw finish, vintage and painted aluminium rolling iron.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then you’re not getting the speedster vibe the 356 demands. Sit tight – we have options you’ll love. These Speedster steel bucket seats are created to meet the original specs and come in different colours. We have the seat rails, belts and fiddly bits, too.

Cabin class

The 356 has a distinctive look, both inside and out. The elegant sweep of the bodyline is offset perfectly by the cabin furniture. They don’t just throw this layout together, so it’s important you don’t replace original components with near-as-dammit, close-enough, poor quality versions of the gearshift, dashboard instruments, or carpet sets there’s no compromise at Design 911.

Performing seals

There’s also no compromising when it comes to the weather. There’s no point in having brand new seats and plush carpet if the rain’s getting in. So don’t let that happen. Let’s talk door seals, bumper seals front and back, side seals; seals for the sunroof, bonnet and boot, engine cavity and pretty much everything else, too. https://www.design911shop.com/p/luggage-roof-rack-stainless-steel-porsche-356c/



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