Home Automobile Here’s Why The Mustang Dark Horse Isn’t A Shelby

Here’s Why The Mustang Dark Horse Isn’t A Shelby

Here’s Why The Mustang Dark Horse Isn’t A Shelby


The 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse is, by all accounts, a very good car. Yet, as befits the name, it was entirely unexpected — a brand-new performance oriented trim level, 60 years into the Mustang’s dynasty? Why? What could the differences possibly be from the GT, SVT, Cobra, or Shelby monikers?

That’s the question Savagegeese set out to answer. By speaking with the seventh-generation Mustang’s chief engineer, brand manager, exterior and interior designers, and digital experiences manager, Jack and Mark aimed to figure out the story of the Dark Horse — where it came from, what it’s here to do, and how it’s different.

2024 Mustang Dark Horse | Why This Car Exists

The idea, according to Ford, was to bring the Mustang into the future. The company wanted to make something that would appeal to a younger demographic, get The Youths interested in the Mustang by introducing something new to the lineup — a trim level without pedigree, history, or legacy, that could begin to build those up for itself.

Whether it will work, of course, is yet to be seen. As a Youth myself, relative to the average age of a new car buyer in the U.S., the Dark Horse does appeal to me — it’s novel, modern, interesting. Yet, like most other Youths, I don’t have 60 grand kicking around for a new Mustang. If Ford truly wants to target a younger buyer, that price tag may be an insurmountable hurdle.

Savagegeese’s video is, as always, worth the watch. The pair have become some of the finest automotive documentarians on YouTube, and they’re always bringing the interesting stories behind new cars out into the open. It’s a Friday afternoon, what else are you doing while you pretend to work?



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