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Hollywood David’s Probably Not Even Eating Shower Spaghetti Anymore: COTD

Hollywood David’s Probably Not Even Eating Shower Spaghetti Anymore: COTD


You’re reading through some exciting times here at the Autopian. How many of you had “David buys a Nissan Leaf” on your bingo sheet? Wait, you did? Well, I hope you’re enjoying your favorite writers evolve, be it me discovering the greatness of BMW, David’s electric car adventures, or the Bishop fully embracing the craziest RV ideas you’ll ever see. Many of you continue to comment about David’s transformation from a Detroiter practically tattooed with motor oil to a Californian with electric cars, cats, and minimal rust.

I’ve noticed more than one comment about David’s recent adventures that reference the Beverly Hillbillies. If you, like me, haven’t seen this show, it’s a 1960s sitcom (and later, a movie) about a Missouri hillbilly family who become millionaires from oil [Ed note: I have seen many, many episodes – MH].

Vidframe Min Top

Vidframe Min Bottom

They move to Beverly Hills, scaring rich folk along the way. Really, the important part here is the show’s memorable theme:

Reader Lokki wins COTD today for this high-effort joke:

This here’s a story about a blogger named Dave.
Had a day-job at Chrysler as an engineering slave.

One day he’s in the backyard ruining a Jeep for good,
When up through the lawn comes bubblin’ crude.
Oil that is:

EPA, Superfund.

When the city finally starts towing away cars
Friend Jason figures prosecution can’t be very far. Tells David “Bud you better flee”

So David loads up the Mustang and moves to Los Angles:
Civilization that is:

Runnin’ water, electric lights.

So David gets a nice apartment and a couple cats. Starts wearing clean new clothes and the living’ pretty fat. No more shower sketti: ain’t no more need for that.

Gets a regular pay check – ain’t no need to skimp. Now it’s delivery pizza and wheelbarrows full of shrimp.

Fat shrimp. Already peeled.

Now David’s gone all Hollywood and got a TWO ‘lectric cars . Looks pretty cool but don’t go very far. One’s a BMW and totally not a Jeep but it’s totally in character cause he got it really cheap.

Young fella, city lights, girl friend?

In other news, I did not buy that deathtrap motorcycle over the weekend. Sadly, things just didn’t really go to plan. Maybe one day. My gearhead house search has been paused indefinitely as well thanks to the housing market. With that said, I’m getting the urge to carry the torch by moving to Detroit. Maybe I’ll even move to Troy and drive some poor city worker to drinking with my massive car collection.

Have a great evening, everyone!



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