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Honda Brings Another ‘Installment Offer’ on Honda CG 125S Gold

Honda Brings Another ‘Installment Offer’ on Honda CG 125S Gold


Following the successful launch of the Honda CG 125s Gold, the Japanese bike manufacturing giant, Atlas Honda, is making waves once again with a back-to-back offer that is set to excite bike enthusiasts across the nation.

The latest announcement, made through a compelling social media post, introduces a remarkable 6-month installment offer with ‘0% markup’ in collaboration with Alfa Mall.

Atlas Honda revealed the exciting news to its eager audience. The post proudly proclaimed, “Get your Atlas Honda CG125S Gold Motorcycle from Alfa Mall on 0% markup for 06 Months.” This offer opens up a world of possibilities for bike enthusiasts who have been eyeing the CG 125s Gold, combining the thrill of owning a powerful motorcycle with the convenience of a seamless and affordable payment plan.

Honda CG 125S Gold ( Style & Design)

Honda CG 125 Gold is launched with the tagline “Power of Gold.” it has a golden silencer, side cover, and emblem and is available in red and black. The overall design is, well, interesting, maybe? Because one needs to have a very niche taste to like and buy this new two-wheeler.

As the name suggests, the CG 125s Gold boasts a golden aesthetic that adds a touch of luxury to the riding experience. The attention to detail in design and finishing reflects Honda’s dedication to crafting motorcycles that are not just a mode of transportation but also a statement of style.

Changes In New Honda CG 125

The apparent changes in the new model of Honda CG 125 include:

  • Fresh Sticker
  • New seat design and length
  • Upgraded design of speedometer
  • Paint on front shocks and hub
  • Golden front emblem
  • New side emblem
  • Improved carburetor
  • Reduced vibration
  • Increased power output

What do you think about the offer on Honda Cg 125s Gold? Tell us in the comments section.



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