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Honda CG 125 Gold Price Hiked Just After Launch 😱

Honda CG 125 Gold Price Hiked Just After Launch 😱


Honda CG 125 is in the news because of its “2024 model,” in which Atlas Honda has claimed to introduce 77 improvements. However, a close look revealed that the major change in the new model is only its stickers, not surprisingly, while there are minor changes in the frame and engine. Along with the new model, the company also introduced an all-new Honda CG 125 Gold, replacing the old Special Edition.

Honda CG 125 Gold 

Honda CG 125 Gold is launched with the tagline “Power of Gold.” it has a golden silencer, side cover, and emblem and is available in red and black. The overall design is, well, interesting, maybe? Because one needs to have a very niche taste to like and buy this new two-wheeler.

Honda CG 125 Gold


The most important aspect of this gold two-wheeler is its price. It is essential to mention that the price of CG 125 Special Edition was Rs. 282,900, but the announced price tag of this bike is Rs. 292,900 only, meaning a jump of Rs. 10,000. It means the price is also gold along with the bike, and it is indeed the “power of gold.” It also means that this new bike will cost you Rs. 300,000 after registration, number plate, and other small expenses; shocking, isn’t it? 

Changes in Honda CG 125 

The apparent changes in the new model of Honda CG 125 include: 

  • Fresh Sticker 
  • New seat design and length 
  • Upgraded design of speedometer
  • Paint on front shocks and hub
  • Golden front emblem 
  • New side emblem 
  • Improved carburetor
  • Reduced vibration 
  • Increased power output 

 According to the company, the new CG 125 is designed for a smoother ride, as this bike’s primary issue is its vibration. Furthermore, the 125 is not famous for its comfort, especially on long journeys, and with its new seat, Atlas Honda is claiming it to be more comfortable and easy to ride. We will bring a detailed review of this new bike very soon, so stay tuned to PakWheels Bike YouTube channel. 

What do you think about the price of this new Honda CG 125 Gold? Is it justified? Please tell us in the comments section. 




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