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Honda City Turbo II — Supercar Nostalgia

Honda City Turbo II — Supercar Nostalgia



Honda conceived their diminutive City range with a view to creating the best economy car of the 1980s.

Launched at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1981, the City also helped Honda target a younger type of customer thanks to its quirky looks and innovative marketing campaigns.

The Japanese firm initially offered their new front-wheel drive hatchback in economical E trim, sporty R trim, or as one of two van configurations. Sales took off immediately and while Honda initially had no plans to create anything more potent than the City R, that changed when management assessed a turbocharged version with electronic fuel-injection developed by Mugen founder, Hirotoshi Honda (the son of Honda founder, Soichiro Honda).

In addition to its peppy little engine, Mugen’s prototype also featured enhanced brakes, suspension and wider wheels along with some sporty new cosmetic enhancements to reflect its performance-tuned nature.

Ultimately, the Honda board were so impressed that the green light was given for a production version and the City Turbo was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1982.

Press and public reaction to the City Turbo was extremely positive and just over a year later, Honda added an even more extreme variant to their range when the Turbo II was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1983.

Nicknamed the Bulldog on account of its wide-arched stance, the Turbo II also came with a now intercooled version of the ER straight four engine in addition to its more aggressively styled body kit.



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