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Hyundai Announces Limited-Time Offer – PakWheels Blog

Hyundai Announces Limited-Time Offer – PakWheels Blog


In a bid to boost the struggling sales of the Elantra model in Pakistan, Hyundai-Nishat is rolling out a limited-time offer that might just turn things around for the sedan. Despite Hyundai’s overall resilience in the face of challenging market conditions, the Elantra has been grappling with a significant 70% decline in sales during Q1 of the current fiscal year. Now, the automaker is putting its hopes in a strategic move to reignite interest in the Elantra.

Free Registration Offer

For a limited period, customers who choose any variant of the Elantra will enjoy the perk of free registration. This incentive is part of Hyundai’s efforts to make the Elantra more appealing to potential buyers and potentially reverse the downward sales trend.

hyundai elantraChallenges in Elantra Sales

While Hyundai-Nishat has been performing relatively well, the Elantra has faced challenges in gaining traction. Priced at PKR 65.99 lac for the 1.6L variant and PKR 71.30 lac for the 2.0L variant, the locally assembled Elantra is in the spotlight as it competes with other sedans in the market. Despite its features and equipment, the model has struggled to match the sales performance of other Hyundai offerings.

Impact on Elantra Sales

With the introduction of the ‘free registration’ offer, Hyundai is hoping to see a surge in Elantra sales. The 6th-generation Elantra, globally retired and replaced in March 2020, might find a renewed interest among Pakistani buyers with this strategic incentive. As the offer takes center stage, the industry watches closely to gauge the impact on Elantra’s positioning in the local market.

Pak SuzukiExchange Offer

Pak Suzuki has announced an exciting Limited-Time Offer. Eager customers can now exchange their old car for a brand new Wagon R! Additional perks include free registration on top of an exciting exchange bonus of Rs.100,000.

pak suzuki Limited-Time Offer

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