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Hyundai Launches Independence Day Offer For Tucson Lovers

Hyundai Launches Independence Day Offer For Tucson Lovers


As the nation prepares to commemorate its independence, Hyundai has rolled out an enticing offer that’s catching the attention of car enthusiasts and potential buyers alike. If you’ve been considering making a vehicle purchase, especially Hyundai’s TUCSON, then this offer might pique your interest.

The Independence Day Offer

Hyundai’s Independence Day offer brings a unique opportunity to the table. Customers who opt to book any variant of the TUCSON between 14th August and 30th September stand to benefit from a cash-back incentive of Rs. 100,000 upon registration. This offer is applicable to orders that are invoiced on or before 30th September 2023.

A Limited-Time Advantage

The Independence Day offer is certainly appealing, but it’s important to note that such promotions are time-bound. To capitalize on this deal, potential buyers need to ensure they initiate their booking within the specified time frame, i.e., before 1st October 2023. This is a key consideration for those who have been contemplating owning a TUCSON.

Unlocking the Hyundai TUCSON Experience

The TUCSON, known for its sophisticated design and advanced features, offers a seamless blend of style, technology, and performance. The Independence Day offer provides an added layer of appeal, making it a potentially rewarding choice for those seeking a new vehicle.

Understanding the Process

Securing the Independence Day offer involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Select Your TUCSON Variant: Begin by choosing the TUCSON variant that aligns with your preferences and requirements. 
  2. Booking Period: The offer’s validity spans from 14th August to 30th September. Within this window, interested buyers can initiate their booking to become eligible for the cash-back benefit.
  3. Order Invoicing: To ensure you avail of the cash-back incentive, it’s important that your order is invoiced on or before 30th September 2023. This final step solidifies your eligibility for the offer.

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