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“I Love Honda BR-V” – Owner Review

“I Love Honda BR-V” – Owner Review


Today’s owner review features the brand new 2023 Honda BR-V S, the top-of-the-line variant. Honda launched the BR-V in Pakistan in 2017, and the crossover SUV is now ordinary on the streets. Join us as we inquire about the owner’s experience. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Price and Purchase Decision

In January, the brand new 2023 Honda BR-V cost its owner Rs 4.95 million. The owner shared that she appreciated the BR-V and wanted to purchase the model. “Though I had multiple options in the crossover SUV segment, I opted for the BR-V,” shares the owner. She mainly considered the KIA Stonic but encircled the BR-V due to its 7-seater capacity and design aesthetics.

Fuel Average

Previously owning a Suzuki Wagon R, the owner had to compromise on the fuel average against the model’s attractiveness. Currently, the BR-V gives its owner a maximum average of 10.5 km/l.

Road Grip and Ground Clearance

Satisfied with the road grip, the owner shared that the BR-V is road-friendly and offers a smooth driving experience. Furthermore, the BR-V poses no issues on speed bumps due to heightened suspension.

Maintenance Cost

Currently driven about 14,000 km, the car’s total maintenance service is done after every 5000km at the company workshop. Also, the maintenance cost rose to around Rs 18,000 due to rising inflation.


Paying a considerable amount for the BR-V, the owner wishes that the car had offered at least a sunroof. Moreover, the sound system quality could be better and needs improvement to justify the price. Other than that, petrol consumption could have been more efficient.


The 2023 BR-V offers a range of features comprising Bluetooth connectivity, auto transmission, 7-seater capacity, reverse camera, rear AC ventilation, two airbags, etc. Moreover, transitioning from the Wagon R to the BR-V, the owner experienced upgraded comfort and power output. She shares that “it provides a premium branded feeling.”

What are your thoughts about the 2023 Honda BR-V? Comment below and let us know!

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