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I love the smell of Porsche in the morning.

I love the smell of Porsche in the morning.


By Tom on Monday, September 25, 2023

The man ‘nose’ his cars. Boxer Conor Benn shares his views on the noble art, his dad, and their shared love of a certain German sports car brand.

‘I would say that my love of Porsche definitely came from my dad’. This is Benn Jr, the undefeated holder of the WBA Continental welterweight title since 2018. His dad, former two-division world champion Nigel Benn, could box a bit too. So, aside from ringcraft, what else do the two Benn men have in common? Have a guess.

Conor, 26, grew up with a dad who would only buy Porsches, eschewing the norm of sportsmen to favour the more ostentatious Ferraris and Lambos. For context, his rival and fellow son-of-a-famous pugilist Chris Eubank Jr owns one each of both brands. Regularly pictured in his bright red Ferrari 458, he talks happily about his matte black Lamborghini Huracan. So, why the penchant for Porsche, Conor?

Steer me right.

“It was always Porsches in the Benn household. He’d say to me, son, you see these McLarens and Ferraris? They’re footballers’ cars. A Porsche is a boxer’s car.” Although Conor, sadly, doesn’t own a Porsche Boxer, he is Porsche to his core and just as he’s followed his dad’s career path, Conor’s also taken on his love of Porsche. He picked up this soft-top Carrera, aged just 20, after knocking out an opponent in less time it takes his new wheels to get to 60 mph.

“I remember my dad’s black 911 (he bought that aged 21). It was a head turner.” Conor’s motors aren’t too shabby, either. “I bought the 991, then a Carrera 4S, and a 992.” His Mercedes tick list includes ‘a couple’ of C63s. These days, nestling alongside a 162bhp Rolls-Royce Wraith and a Mercedes S63 AMG, is a 911 Carrera 4S. The same car his old man used to drive.

Smells like mean spirit

Like many people, Conor’s reaction to Porsche is emotional, and plays on the senses – just not the senses you might expect. “I think Porsche has this smell. It’s an emotional attachment I have to me and my dad growing up with his Porsche. I got into boxing because of my dad. I am my father’s son. I love my dad for what he’s achieved inside and outside the ring. He’s a role model. I am guilty of wanting to be like my dad.”

Design for life

Like his dad, and indeed any professional athlete, Conor is careful to surround himself with good people on whom he can rely. And Conor clearly puts Design 911 in that bracket. “They’re just great people here. People I trust. People that do the right thing, which is important because when you trust them with your car, it’s a big responsibility. You want to take your car somewhere you feel that cares as much about your car as you do.”

Knockout service

Conor’s recent experience at Design 911 was a good case in point. “It was great. You were able to locate problems with the car – and there have been loads – when I was on site for less than an hour. You’ve sourced some bits that we didn’t think were available – and managed to get others at a cheaper price. It’s weird because we’re more like friends – and I’ll be forever grateful.”

You’re welcome. See you again soon. Why not check us out too? You’re in good company.



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