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Islamabad Metro Bus Fare Hike

Islamabad Metro Bus Fare Hike


The recent surge in fuel prices has sent ripple effects across various aspects of daily life, and now it’s hitting commuters’ wallets. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is considering a fare hike for the Orange Line, Blue Line, and Green Line Metro bus services, adding yet another concern for the public.

CDA Board Meeting

Reliable sources have disclosed that a proposal to increase the fare rates of these metro bus services will be presented in the upcoming CDA board meeting. The final verdict on these fare adjustments will be decided during this crucial meeting.

The Proposed Fare Hike

Under consideration is a substantial hike in fares for the Green and Blue Line buses from the current Rs. 30 to Rs. 60. For Orange Line commuters, the fare is anticipated to climb from Rs. 60 to Rs. 100.

An anonymous CDA official shed light on the financial aspect of this decision. The agency, according to the official, is financially strained and unable to sustain these buses at subsidized rates. Hence, the necessity of fare hikes is viewed as inevitable.

Metro Fare Hike

This news follows closely on the heels of the Punjab Mass Transit Authority’s (PMA) contemplation of a metro fare hike. The PMA is considering a ticket price of Rs. 50 for both metro buses and Orange Line trains, aiming to balance the escalating operational costs while preserving affordable transportation options.

CM Naqvi’s Hands-On Approach

In the midst of these developments, Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi personally experienced the metro services as a passenger. During his journey, he interacted with fellow commuters to gather valuable feedback. One significant issue he encountered was malfunctioning air conditioning on the buses, particularly problematic amid sweltering temperatures. Responding swiftly, CM Naqvi ordered the immediate repair of the air conditioning units.

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