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Islamabad Police Reinstalls Speed Bump on Expressway

Islamabad Police Reinstalls Speed Bump on Expressway


In a head-scratching turn of events, Islamabad’s district administration has once again baffled citizens by installing a speed breaker on the expressway, reminiscent of an earlier incident at the same location.

The recent decision, like its predecessor, led to a massive traffic jam, prompting public outcry and forcing authorities to backtrack. This recurrent pattern not only inconveniences commuters but also highlights the persistent issue of thoughtless decision-making that wastes taxpayer money.

The déjà vu unfolded as the speed breaker reared its disruptive head once more, strategically placed just before the Faizabad check-post. Reports flooded in about a chaotic Monday morning commute, with frustrated citizens stuck in long traffic snarls, a consequence of the ill-placed impediment. This unfortunate incident triggered a wave of discontent among the residents of the twin cities.

Social Media Outcry

In the age of digital expression, citizens turned to social media to voice their frustrations. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook became virtual battlegrounds where irate commuters shared images and videos of the traffic mayhem, accompanied by scathing comments directed at the district administration. The collective outcry played a pivotal role in bringing the issue to the forefront of public consciousness.

As criticism mounted, the district administration succumbed to public pressure and opted to remove the speed breaker. Officials were spotted dismantling the road obstruction, a visual concession to the power of public opinion. While the removal brings relief to commuters, it is a stark reminder of the consequences of decisions made without due diligence.

What sets this episode apart is its eerie resemblance to an incident earlier in the year. Despite the firsthand knowledge of the traffic havoc caused by a speed breaker at the same location, the Islamabad administration repeated the mistake. This glaring oversight underscores a systemic problem of learning from past errors and raises questions about the decision-making processes within the district administration.



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