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Lahore Fights Smog with Vehicle Entry Restrictions

Lahore Fights Smog with Vehicle Entry Restrictions


The Punjab government has implemented a ban on the entry of smoke-emitting vehicles and those with pressure horns into Lahore to fight smog and environmental pollution. In this determined move to combat the rising levels of smog, the entry ban on smoke-emitting vehicles in the city might prove to be effective. The decision, effective from October 11, stems from the directives of Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and Inspector General of Police Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar.

Campaign for Cleaner Air

The ban is part of a comprehensive campaign undertaken in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency. The aim is to curb the alarming levels of smog engulfing the provincial capital.

Strict Measures 

Inspector General Punjab has gone a step further by ordering the issuance of certificates for any unfit vehicles. To ensure compliance, a motor vehicle examiner will be available for assistance as needed.

State Vs. Smog

To address the smog crisis, the administration has enforced Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. This includes a ban on burning stubble in agricultural fields across all districts of the Lahore division.

In addition to smoke-emitting vehicles, tractor-trolleys carrying uncovered sand and materials are barred from entering Lahore. The recent measures highlight the administration’s commitment to curbing the worsening smog situation in the provincial capital.

Proposed Shutdowns for Smog Control

Pending government approval, the administration contemplates weekly closures of schools, markets, and factories every Wednesday. Suggestions also advocate government departments operating with half their regular workforce.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi City Traffic Police has announced a crackdown on vehicles emitting harmful smoke. Stringent measures include a ban on these vehicles entering the city, accompanied by heavy fines.

As Lahore takes bold steps to clear the air, these measures signal a collective effort to ensure a healthier and cleaner environment for its residents.

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