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Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary — Supercar Nostalgia

Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary — Supercar Nostalgia


The resultant Quattrovalvole-based Countach 25th Anniversary would be the third production re-styling of the Countach after the original LP400 of 1973 and subsequent wide-bodied Countach S of 1978 (both of which Marcello Gandini had produced while serving as head stylist at Bertone, a position he left in 1980).

The finished Countach Anniversary was produced in double quick time and unveiled at the Sant’Agata factory in September 1988. As the name suggested, it celebrated a quarter of a century since Lamborghini’s first model, the 350 GTV, had been unveiled back in 1963.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the fledgling Cizeta motor company, Gandini made a couple of revisions to the P132 design that Chrysler had rejected and this went on to become the fabled Cizeta V16T.


The task of re-styling the existing Countach Quattrovalvole was given to Lamborghini’s composites expert, Horacio Pagani. Around a year earlier, Pagani had been the architect behind the legendary Countach Evoluzione which served as a mobile test bed for evaluating the advanced composite technology that had long since been a fixture in Formula 1 and was now beginning to find its way into high end road cars.

For the Countach Anniversary, Pagani devised a US-style front bumper assembly, under which was a deep apron that housed the fog lights and brake cooling intakes along with a pair of straked ducts down each flank. Further up, frosted instead of clear covers were fitted over the sidelight / indicator panels.



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