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Lamborghini Islero — Supercar Nostalgia

Lamborghini Islero — Supercar Nostalgia



Although the company lost money on every 350 GT it sold, Automobili Lamborghini’s first product proved arguably the best Gran Turismo in its class.

The Carrozzeria Touring-bodied 350 GT had an edge in terms of build quality, specification and performance. However, there was more to come and two years after its launch, the original 280bhp 3.5-litre V12 was phased out in favour of a 320bhp 4-litre 400 GT unit.

To further broaden the 400 GT’s appeal, a 2+2 variant with additional rear seats was also launched. However, the new four-seat Lamborghini’s arrival was completely overshadowed by a car on the very same stand: the epic new Miura which was making its world debut in finished form.

After a long gestation, Miura production began to ramp up during 1967 and Lamborghini’s attention turned to replacing the 400 GT 2+2 with an updated model. Another discrete, conservatively styled 2+2 Coupe was born: the Islero.

Meanwhile, also on Lamborghini’s drawing board was a brand new full four seater, the Espada, as the company sought to further expand its reach.

Both the Islero and Espada were scheduled for simultaneous release in early 1968.

Visually inspired by the wild Lamborghini Marzal design concept displayed at Geneva in March 1967, the Espada was (despite having been able to accommodate four adults) no less dramatic in appearance than the low slung mid-engined Miura.



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