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Lancia ECV (Abarth SE 041) — Supercar Nostalgia

Lancia ECV (Abarth SE 041) — Supercar Nostalgia


Along each flank were deeper, flatter side skirts, more smoothly blended fender flares and longer engine cooling scoops that now obscured over half the rear quarter window surface area.

The ECV’s roof adopted a similar shallow scoop to the S4 Evoluzione, behind which was an enormous multi-plane rear spoiler with dramatically tilted end sections.

At the back was a new slatted rear window treatment and a redesigned bumper that housed a massive diffuser that worked in conjunction with the partially enclosed underbody and active Teflon flap to maximise downforce.

In line with the rest of the ECV’s approach to construction, body panels were a mix of carbonfibe, Kevlar and thermosplastics.


Inside, the ECV also resembled an updated S4 Evoluzione.

Behind the two-spoke Momo steering wheel was a boxy carbonfibre dash with a small array of analogue gauges, an exposed fuseboard, fresh air vents and a variety of warning lights.

Aside from the leather-rimmed steering wheel, a leather gear gaiter and a pair of fireproof Recaro seats, there was no upholstery to speak of with practically every other surface having been left in exposed composite material.

Weight / Performance

Lancia quoted a 930kg weight for the ECV.

Depending on gearing, top speed was likely in the region of 140mph with a 0-62mph time of comfortably under three seconds.

Subsequent History



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