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Lecoq-restored 1968 Fiat Dino 2000 Spider — Supercar Nostalgia

Lecoq-restored 1968 Fiat Dino 2000 Spider — Supercar Nostalgia


Reprinted below is L’Art de l’Automobile’s description for this outstanding Fiat Dino Spyder:

The Fiat Dino is a 2+2 seat coupe designed by master coachbuilder Pininfarina. It was presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1966 in its Spider version. It was born from a cooperation agreement between Fiat Auto and the famous Maranello manufacturer: Ferrari. The latter only having V12s in its range, it needed to quickly build a minimum of 500 examples of its “Dino” engine to obtain Formula 2 approval for the Ferrari Dino 166 F2. The V6 “Dino” was thus created by the late son of Commendatore Enzo Ferrari, Alfredino Ferrari in 1956. He was unfortunately never able to see this project come to fruition, which however kept his nickname as a name.

Thus, alongside the very sporty and expensive Ferrari Dino, the 206 GT, it was decided to build a more affordable version badged Fiat. The engine is in the front longitudinal position, the car benefits from a front axle with independent wheels with superimposed wishbones, a rear axle with a rigid bridge, a five-speed gearbox and disc brakes with servo brake. The whole thing conformed to the best standards of the time.

The design offers a curved and bold line, with a plunging hood and a narrow grille with four headlights taken from the “Dino Berlinetta Speciale” concept. For the interior, the high-end side has not been forgotten, even if it is not a Ferrari. Leather and wood mix and surround the dashboard dials and center console buttons. The steering wheel is surrounded by wood while the spokes are made of perforated aluminum. The gear lever is tilted so as to bring it closer to the steering wheel, so the driving position remains very pleasant.

The 1,987 cc Ferrari V6 engine, made entirely of aluminum with its four overhead camshafts and 3 Weber carburettors, develops 160 hp at 7,200 rpm. The short wheelbase and the geometry of the rear suspension made the Fiat Dino a very nervous car. With this 2.0L, the Dino can reach 205 km/h in the Coupé version and 210 km/h for the Spider. This Ferrari block will still be used with the 246 GT then until 1974 with the Lancia Stratos.

Produced in 2 liters in just 1,163 copies, the Spider has become a rare car and highly prized by collectors, it appears among others in the 1968 film “Le Petit Baigneur”, with Louis de Funès. The model that we offer you today is certainly one of the most beautiful currently available on the market. With numerous maintenance invoices and a complete restoration carried out according to the rules of the art and amounting to more than €80,000, this car is in incredible condition, matching numbers and matching colors. The alliance between the aluminum engine block and the Ansa exhaust offer a very captivating driving experience, all with your hair in the wind.

For more information visit the L’Art de l’Automobile website at: https://www.lartdelautomobile.com/



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