Home Mercedes SL 300 Maen Te Honda CG 125 Gold E Le Saan – Owner Review

Maen Te Honda CG 125 Gold E Le Saan – Owner Review

Maen Te Honda CG 125 Gold E Le Saan – Owner Review


Today’s owner review features the all-new and bold Honda CG 125 Gold 2024 model. It would not be wrong to place the CG 125 as the national bike of Pakistan, ruling over the Pakistani heart for more than 30 years. Join us as we inquire about the latest model’s reviews from the owner, spellbound by this new Honda CG 125 Gold. He shares, “I’m addicted to Honda; not everyone can comprehend my true feelings for this bike.” The owner is a proud example of “Maen Te Honda E le Saan.”

Purchase Decision

Since Honda introduced the self-start system in the Honda CG 125, the owner has stayed on the lookout to buy the model. He calls himself a genuine Honda lover and always prefers to buy Honda bikes. An astonishing statistic shared by the owner is that he has stayed as a loyal Honda customer for around 25 years, in his lifespan of 44 years.

Fuel Average

He told us that he never calculated the fuel average as the owner always keeps the fuel tank full.

Design Aesthetics

Honda has undoubtedly satisfied this owner with a bold combination of black and gold. “Moving towards golden from previous red combinations in the bike has uplifted the bike’s beauty.” The tank and side cover have been complemented with all-new golden checkered stickers that add to the overall royal look of the CG 125.


With the improved launch power of the bike, the owner compares his Honda CG 125 to a bullet passing by.

Love For Honda CG 125 Gold 

When the salesperson warned about the possible price increase, the owner shared his intent to buy the bike even if it was priced at Rs. 350,000.

Watch Video 

This review is a clear example of owner’s love for the new Honda CG 125 Gold as he shared the past experience and future planning regarding Honda bikes with us.

Are you planning to become the owner of new CG 125 Gold? Tell us in the comments section.



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