Home Mercedes SL 300 Man Claims Driving Car Without Petrol From Sadiqabad to Lahore [Video]

Man Claims Driving Car Without Petrol From Sadiqabad to Lahore [Video]

Man Claims Driving Car Without Petrol From Sadiqabad to Lahore [Video]


A man named Engineer Faisal has claimed to have driven a car without petrol from Sadiqabad to Lahore. While talking to a private news channel, he stated that their mission was to drive this car without fuel.

How Does it Work? 

According to him they used three sources, i.e., electricity, solar, and turbine, to run this car, adding that the primary power source is its Brushless DC (BLDC) motor, which gets energy from the battery.

“The range of this battery is 200km/charge,” Faisal claimed. He further said that after 200 kilometers, the solar panel on the roof charges the batteries. “Along with that, we have installed a wind turbine which also gives power to the batteries,” the engineer mentioned.

Talking about the car further, he  said that they have installed Range Extender Generator in it for longer journeys. However, in a video on his YouTube channel, Faisal mentioned a small petrol tank, claiming it gives 30 kilometers range after one charge.

Talking about speed, he claimed that the car’s top speed is 75km/hour, but he has driven it at around 45km/h. “The total cost of this car is around Rs. 3/kilometer, meaning you can travel 100 kilometers in only Rs. 300,” the engineer mentioned.

Is it Possible?

Although it sounds and seems quite possible to run the car with solar, electric, and wind turbine, however, no car expert has yet analyzed this car. Hence, we can’t determine whether it is plausible, would work long-term, or is practical for mass production. Furthermore, the biggest question would be the durability because these projects are good as concepts, but it is a very initial stage, and several aspects are yet to be evaluated. Hopefully, some proper car expert will assess this vehicle in the near future to check its authenticity.

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