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Man Drives With Bull In The Front Seat

Man Drives With Bull In The Front Seat


In an unusual turn of events in Norfolk, Nebraska, U.S.A, a man was pulled over by the police while driving a car with an unexpected passenger—his full-size bull, Howdy Doody. 

On a regular Wednesday morning in Norfolk, a bewildered bystander made an extraordinary report to the local authorities. At 10:05 a.m., a call came in about a “vehicle with a cow inside” cruising through town, leaving both the caller and the police in disbelief.

The Bull In The Car

When officers arrived at the scene, they anticipated finding a small calf. However, what awaited them was an unusual sight indeed—a full-size bull comfortably occupying the passenger seat of a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria. The vehicle had been specially modified, with the roof on the passenger side removed to accommodate the hefty passenger.

bull in carThe owner of this automobile, Lee Meyer, shed light on the unique journey. The car, originally a retired police cruiser from the village of Arnold, underwent significant modifications to suit its new purpose as Howdy Doody’s mode of transportation. According to Meyer, he reinforced the car’s frame, suspension, tires, and floor to ensure the safety and comfort of his four-legged companion.

Meyer revealed that the idea of transforming the car into Howdy Doody’s wheels had been brewing in his mind for years. It was a challenge from one of his granddaughters that finally pushed him to convert this whimsical dream into a reality. He jokingly shared, “It might have been a bad idea, but I did it anyway.”

Howdy Doody, a unique 9-year-old bull, is a popular attraction at parades and fairs across Nebraska. Upon encountering this peculiar sight, the police simply advised Meyer to exercise caution and continue on his way. The bull, weighing over 2,200 pounds, is a half-Longhorn and half-Watusi breed, making for quite the spectacle.

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