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Maserati MCXtrema Unveiled at The Quail

Maserati MCXtrema Unveiled at The Quail


With all the hubbub going on in Monterey and vicinity, we have to play the role of curators to enthusiasts like yourself. So, you may ask, “What unaffordable machine is going to make a splash in NorCal?” For today, it’s the Maserati MCXtrema.

For those of you who may be both Roman numeral- and Italian-challenged, it roughly translates to 1110-extreme. Does Maserati intend for you to think of it that way? Doubtful, so let’s move on and take a look at the event in which the MCXtrema is being introduced.

The Quail is a show during Monterey Car Week where someone thought, “There already is a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. How can we create a similar automotive event when the Big Kahuna of shows already exists? Oh, I know — I’ll charge $1,200 so it will appear even more exclusive, plus the cost of entry will keep the groundlings out. And, to make it even more pretentious, it’s official name will be ‘The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.’”

For your money, you gain entry in a “motorsports and luxury lifestyle event” filled with vintage automobiles and motorcycles complemented by culinary delights including caviar, oysters, wines (fine, of course) and other spirits, and more. So, in sum, The Quail is a fine dining experience where a Pebble Beach-esque car show breaks out.

And the perfect place for Maserati to introduce its latest plaything, a “veritable ‘beast’ designed for the track” (no need to apply to your local DMV). The 730-horsepower MCXtrema is Maserati’s most powerful track car, one that “reflects the desire to create a racing car capable of passing on the legacy” of the MC12. That’s the 2004-05 homologation special and race car that competed in the FIA GT Championship.

“Maserati MCXtrema was created with the aim of offering an incredibly exclusive product that can set a new paradigm for our track cars,” says Maserati CEO Davide Grasso. “The project is dedicated to a selected clientèle who are particularly attentive to distinctive details, ranging from the most refined and innovative design to exceptional performance. MCXtrema embodies the sporting spirit typical of Maserati’s DNA, a declaration of a new pathway for our brand, devoted to superlative manufacturing and able to stand out in the world of luxury engine production with uncompromising performance.”

Only 62 of this “limited-edition super sports car” will be produced.



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