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Meet ‘RWD’: From Porsches To The V12 Ferrari Family

Meet ‘RWD’: From Porsches To The V12 Ferrari Family


‘RWD’, as this owner prefers to be known, only joined the Ferrari owners family in the summer of 2020 when he bought an Alluminio Opaco F12.

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What’s the first Ferrari experience you can remember?

My interest in cars started when I was a baby. When my grandma would babysit me, she would carry me and stand in front of the window, pointing at cars, naming their brands. When I was 2 years old, my first word was a car brand (not Ferrari), so the tone was set.

Every 4 years, there was the AutoRAI auto show in Amsterdam. I would always go to the Ferrari and Porsche stand to look at the cars from afar, dreaming away. Back then I was never allowed to pass the gate and enter the stand to see the cars from up close, which always made me think those cars would always be unreachable for me. They would remain a dream.

Geneva Motor Show (1994)

Ferrari Testarossa and F333 SP at the 1994 Geneva Motor Show.

During my childhood years I collected Bburago scale models, mostly Ferraris, especially in 1:18 scale. The 1958 Testarossa, the GTO, the 1984 Testarossa Monospecchio, the F40. I would go to the toy store every day to see if a new model had arrived so I could spend my pocket money on them. To this day, I still have those scale models. I also had a huge Ferrari F40 poster hanging next to my bed, so I would literally fall asleep dreaming about it.

The first time actually driving a Ferrari was when a friend of mine just bought a California 30 and took me on a trip from home to Cannes, passing the Vosges in France, Switzerland, the Stelvio Pass, Milan and all the tunnels from Milan to Cannes.

Ferrari California - Trip

Especially with the roof open, driving through the tunnels and mountains with the exhaust valves open, the sounds that I heard caused me to have shivers down my spine from the ‘eargasms’.

When did you decide you wanted to own a Ferrari?

I own and have owned multiple Porsches at that time. From 911 Carrera S’ to 911 Turbo S’. I admired Ferraris for their beautiful looks, the pure emotion engines that they made, but I always thought they would not be for me. I thought that they would be too flashy and that they would not fit with my introvert character. I also thought about any negative comments people would have against the car or me owning the car.

Ferrari F12berlinetta - Launch

Yet, when the F12 came out, it always kept a special place in my heart. Every time I saw that car I would turn my head automatically and fall in love with it again. When the time came that I was looking to replace my 991 Turbo S, I was actually looking at a 992 Turbo S. But because the 991 was lacking emotion for me during the 5 years I drove it, I looked for something that could bring me more thrills – even when not flooring the pedal.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

I asked a friend of mine for advice and he let me drive his Ferrari F12. From that moment I was sold. I needed one, too.

When did you acquire your first Ferrari? What was the experience like?

I bought my Alluminio Opaco F12 at the end of 2020. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful modern Ferraris. The last Pininfarina-designed Ferrari, with classic beauty lines and aesthetics. This unique colour struck my eye. I hesitated for a moment, because if I were to buy a Ferrari, in my mind it should be red. But now, looking back, I think I made the right choice.

Ferrari F12berlinetta - Close up

The specs, with the optional double spoke wheels in Grigio Titanio, the Blu Scuro interior in leather and alcantara, the carbon racing seats and the exclusive Matte Alluminio Opaco Factory paint, amaze me every time. The paint looks different from every angle and in every type of light.

Ferrari F12berlinetta - Interior

I am truly happy with it how it is.  As it happens, all of the sports/super cars that I have owned have always been a modest colour, such as silver or black. I thought it was more incognito, instead of a bright colour like yellow or red. Boy, was I wrong… This colour makes it an even more rare appearance on the street than a Ferrari itself. Reportedly, this is the only one in The Netherlands.

Bodie Hage from Real Art on Wheels helped me source this car, which I purchased at Kroymans, a Dutch Ferrari dealership with a rich history. From a week before the delivery date, I couldn’t sleep well, even though the price tag wasn’t much different of the last Porsche that I owned.

Ferrari F12berlinetta - Kroymans Ferrari

But this whole experience and a little boy’s dream coming true, besides owning a 911 Turbo (S), made me feel restless – in a good way. And then, the moment when I removed the covers off the car, it was the actual dream come true. Due to lack of time and really bad weather, I wasn’t able to drive it as much as I wanted to. But just peeking into my garage, entering the car and sitting in it gave me more emotion than any other car had so far.

Ferrari F12berlinetta - Side

Even now, I smile from ear to ear the moment I press the start button. When I get out of the car, I turn around to take a long look at it and sometimes still can’t believe I own her.

What’s one thing that’s surprised you most about Ferrari ownership?

The amount of turning heads, people who take pictures of it and the attention that it generates (be it positive or negative).

Ferrari F12berlinetta - Meeting

Also, the community of Ferrari owners that you are welcomed into. You realize that it’s not just the rich and famous that own a Ferrari, but also pure petrol heads, car lovers and people who have a normal job but have spent years saving to finally be able to acquire one.

What’s your favourite memory with your Ferrari?

Up until now: the delivery of the car and the moment that I showed my dad this car (at first, I was afraid to tell him I bought one). I thought that he would be a bit indifferent about it, because he is totally not into cars, but he was very happy for me.

It is too bad my grandma isn’t with us anymore, to have shared the moment that I bought it.

If you could have any Ferrari next, what would it be?

I think I would have a hard time saying goodbye to this one, but a few Ferraris do have my attention: The 812 Superfast (even though I find the F12’s exterior much more beautiful), the Portofino and maybe an ’84 Testarossa to have as a classic.

Ferrari Testarossa

Among my true dream cars are the F40, the 288 GTO and a LaFerrari, but they will probably always stay a dream for me. But… you never know what the future brings… like unexpectedly winning the lottery!

Besides Ferrari, what hobbies/interests are you passionate about?

I love travelling around the world, preferably cruising and overseas holidays (which, unfortunately, during the COVID pandemic, I haven’t been able to do). I love to taste all kinds of foods, from chic Michelin star/fine dining to small local spots and cheap street foods and hawker stands.

I also like to cook myself, trying to find inspiration from my global travels, conversations with chefs all around the world at places where I eat, and trying to recreate the nice foods that I remember from my holidays.

Michellin Star Diner

Photography used to also be a passion of mine, especially landscapes and local architecture during my holidays. Unfortunately, my camera gear has been collecting dust the last couple of years… I might pick that up again soon. And finally, music. I love music, and I cannot live without hearing a single day of music. I love to make music, also.

Cinque Terre (Italy)

That is probably the reason why I like the F12’s ‘falsetto-like’ high revving N/A V12 engine so much. It’s like a true symphony that’s going on under the hood and coming out of the exhaust – music to my ears!

We’d like to thank ‘RWD’ for sharing his story with us. Make sure to follow him on Instagram to keep up to date on his adventures!



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