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My Classic Car: 1968 Plymouth Barracuda

My Classic Car: 1968 Plymouth Barracuda


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My father’s first brand new car was this 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 340-S. It was the car he and my mom brought me home in when I was born. When I got my license at 16 years old he gave it to me. I spent every dollar I had on it. My brothers and I worked on the car nonstop until 1992 when we “finished” it. Well in 1994 after no longer driving it (no ac, bad gas mileage and having a young family of my own), we decided to sell it to a family that lives here in northern California.

Over the years I would occasionally search the internet for ’68 Barracudas just wondering if I would ever see it again. On July 27, 2022, after not searching online for about four years, I decided to take a look. I went to the ClassicCars.com website and the fourth car down almost gave me a heart attack!

Marcel’s Barracuda comes home

It was my car, my dad’s car, and it looked exactly the same as when I sold it! It was for sale all the way across the country in Shadyside, Ohio! After a few back and forth emails, phone calls and a trip out to Ohio, my dad’s car was one step closer to being back home. I finished the purchase and loaded her up on a trailer for the ride back to California.

Marcel, his family, and his dad in spirit!

I have just recently completed a full rebuild of the original 340, transmission and rear end. I am forever grateful to ClassicCars.com and the previous owner who took wonderful care of a part of our families legacy. While my dad passed away in September 2021 and never got the see his Barracuda come home, I am proof that miracles do in fact happen!!!

-Marcel M., California




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