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New 1967 Shelby GT500 Reproductions | Custom Licensed Reproduction Cars

New 1967 Shelby GT500 Reproductions | Custom Licensed Reproduction Cars


In the world of new reproduction muscle cars, few names resonate as profoundly as the Shelby GT500, and fewer still as much as this icon. The team at Classic Recreations has breathed new life into this classic powerhouse with a meticulous licensed Ford Mustang, combining classic appeal with modern technology. Whether you’re an auto enthusiast or a seasoned collector, this article will take you through the journey of this remarkable recreation, highlighting its unique craftsmanship, performance, and unparalleled attention to detail.

shelby gt500 reproduction cars

Who Is The Muscle Car Manufacturer Classic Recreations?

Classic Recreations Cars, a Texas-based automotive manufacturer, has become a recognized name for its unprecedented recreations of classic Mustang GT and Shelby GTs. What sets Classic Recreations apart is their ability to integrate modern technology to improve the performance, reliability, and comfort of these timeless classics without compromising their original aesthetic appeal. Classic Recreations’ dedication to craftsmanship and authenticity is at the heart of their success.

What Makes the Shelby GT500 So Special?

First introduced by Carroll Shelby in the 1960s, redefined the concept of a ‘pony car’. The ’67 GT500 was a milestone, boasting a supercharged 7.0-liter engine that made it a true powerhouse of its time. Revered for its cool, aggressive looks and astonishing horsepower, the 1967 was, and still is, an iconic muscle car, loved by enthusiasts the world over.

Classic Recreations’ Licensed Reproduction Vehicles?

Brand New Reproduction 1967 Shelby GT500 

Classic Recreations cars operates under a license from both Ford Motor Company and Carroll Shelby® Licensing, allowing them to create authentic replica of these legendary cars. The company painstakingly recreates each model from the ground up, using both custom and brand-new, Ford-licensed components. “Our team of technicians and craftsmen and women are dedicated to meticulously recreating and restoring built-to-order, trophy-winning, track-burning, high-performance cars and trucks for customers worldwide. We take pride in our production line-up of officially licensed, carbon fiber-cladded Shelby Mustang muscle cars and the meticulous restoration of people’s dreams.” says Classic Recreations founder, Jason Engel.

The Power Under The Hood: Classic Recreations Shelby GT500 Engine

At the heart of the Classic Recreations Shelby GT500 is either a naturally aspirated, supercharged or  procharged 427ci Ford Performance Crate motor or Coyote Gen 3 5.0L / 302ci Ford Performance Crate motor. This modern powertrain not only matches the muscle of the original V8 428 Cobra Jet engine, but surpasses it, providing improved torque and horsepower. Whether on a track or a casual drive, this updated driveline ensures you can go anywhere with confidence.

The Suspension System With Unparalleled Engineering

One significant update in the Classic Recreations car is its sophisticated suspension system. While retaining the classic feel, Classic Recreations has engineered an advanced setup that offers a limited slip rear end for improved handling and ride comfort. This feature enables the car to rival modern sports cars and even supercars such as Ferraris in terms of ride quality.

Custom Exterior & Interior: Classic Automotive Style Meets Modern Craftsmanship

Shelby GT500 Exterior

Inside the Classic Recreations build, one will find a blend of 1960s design charm and modern-day comfort. The interior features a leather lined cockpit, outfitted with contemporary luxuries such as modern electrical systems, providing a driving experience that is as comfortable as it is exhilarating.

Even the body of the Classic Recreations remake stays faithful to the original. From the unique styling cues to the specific ’67 details, the exterior is as close to the original as possible. Even the beautifully crafted carbon fiber model, is almost an exact match to the original. These masterpieces also proudly displays the Shelby branding and trade dress, used under license.

Performance and Durability: The Ultimate Sports Car

The Classic Recreations car is not just a showpiece; it’s a fully functional, road-ready sports car. Engineered for durability and longevity, this platform offers the reliability of a modern vehicle while delivering the thrilling performance expected from a classic muscle car.

How Does The Reproduction 1967 Shelby GT 500 Stack Up Against the Original?

While Classic Recreations captures the spirit of the original, it also offers significant improvements in terms of technology, safety, and performance. Modern brakes, upgraded suspension, and a more powerful and efficient make this pony car superior in many aspects, all while maintaining the iconic style and character that made the original GT500 a legend.

The Importance of Shelby and Mustang Reproductions

Reproduction Shelby Mustang Manufacturers

The dedicated work of Classic Recreations highlights the continued relevance and desirability of these living legends. By recreating this classic, they’ve allowed a new generation of car lovers to experience the power and style of an iconic car, combined with the stats and comfort of modern vehicles.

Key Points to Remember

  • Classic Recreations Mustangs and Shelby GTs specializes in creating luxurious specialty classic supercars.
  • The 1967 GT500 is an iconic pony car known for its power and style.
  • Classic Recreations’ GT500CR offers an optional intercooled 427ci Ford Performance Crate motor or Coyote Gen 3 5.0L/302ci Ford Performance Crate motor with options for a supercharged and intercooled, or Procharged (14 PSI) or Optional F1-R Procharger with 3 Core Custom Intercooler, modern tie rods, ball joints, shocks, struts, control arms, and contemporary comforts inside a vintage exterior.
  • This brand new Shelby embodies the perfect blend of classic allure and modern performance.
  • Licensed reproductions like this allow a new generation to experience and appreciate the charm of iconic vehicles with modern-day warranty and safety.



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